1st Conventional Computer School in Lofa County, Liberia

The underserved people of Lofa County in Northern Liberia are grateful to CAN for the establishment of the first ever-conventional computer training center in the entire county.  The county has a population of 270,114, making it the fourth most populous county in Liberia. Lofa County is home to 6 of the 16 tribes of Liberia.

Our 842 Computer Technology School is located in Fissibu twon, Zorzor District, Lofa County Northern Liberia. There are 168 students in our first phase of training.
These students come from distance places such as: Konia District, Salayea District, Yeala Town, Zorzor District, Fissibu Town.

A big, big thanks to you our partners, supporters and friends of CAN/Liberia for your valuable involvement with us and assistance to make this a dream come true for the people of Lofa County.

To read more about our 842 Computer Technology Program for Liberia, please visit our website at: http://www.canintl.org/842-computer

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This location is also the future home of the Change Agent Network Elementary, Junior and Senior High School and the Change Agent Network University (CAN-U)

Thanks and God bless!