273 students from CAN's Schools, take National Exams.

This academic year 2015/2016, by the grace of God, CAN sends a total of 273 students to sit for the National Promotional and Regional Exams called WAEC in Liberia. This examination is conducted by the Ministry of Education of Liberia under auspices of the West African Examination Council (WAEC). They were 155 male and 118 female students that successfully made it through.For grade 12th, we had 55 males and 40 females. As for grade 9th, we had 100 males and 78 females. These exams were conducted in the months of May and June 2016.
Due to the Ebola Epidemic in the country last school year, the national exams was postponed by the government. So technically, we have two classes combined 2015 and 2016 for both grade 9th and grade 12th sitting for this year’s exams in two of our schools in the country.

Alexandria A. Andrews Academy (aka Triple “A” School) Grade 12th Students.

For the 12th graders at the Triple ‘A” School, we a total of 51 students who successful sat for the exams on June 27, 2016. They were 31 boys and 18 girls. This is our first senior high graduating class of the school since it was built and opened three years ago.
This brings us to a grand total of 132 students who successfully took the national exams at this school in 2016. There were 75 males and 56 females. The Triple "A" School is located in Gbarnga, Bong County, Central Liberia. This school had more than 1000 students before the Ebola outbreak in the country. But right now, we have only 425 students because of the aftermath of the Ebola Epidemic.

Heart of Grace School (aka HOG School)

The Heart of Grace School encompassing nursery through grade 12th is our mother school in Liberia. The school is located in the City-View, Rehab Community area in Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County. We had about 1,500 students before the Ebola outbreak a year ago. But we currently have 708 students in the school. The decrease in student enrollment is due to the challenges from the aftermath of Ebola Epidemic in the country.
HOG had a total of 46 students from grade 12th that sat successfully for their national and regional high school diploma exams, 22 females and 24 males. For Grade 9th, we had a total of 96 students, 40 females and 56 males.
 Please let’s continue to pray for a successful result for these hard working students.

CAN to ship two 18 wheeler containers of supplies to Liberia.

By the grace of God, we are currently working on shipping two 40ft foot hq high containers to Liberia. This year’s containers have over 300 gently used computers and accessories, 40 thousand pounds of food, medical supplies and over 20, 000 assorted text books for all levels of learning. We also have 4 pallets of Bibles and Christian Literature.
This shipment will be our number 11 and 12 containers of supplies to Liberia in the last 9 nine years. We have one of the containers fully paid for already. If you know of anyone who is interested in helping us financially to pay for the other one, please put us in touch with that individual or organization. The cost of shipping one 40ft feet container to Liberia from Lafayette, Louisiana is now at $4,500. It takes about two months on sea to get there. These materials are priceless in Liberia; they will be used in our various schools across the country.
The children and parents will be very excited in the new school year 2016/2017. 

The loading of the first container for Liberia is this Saturday July 16, 2016 in Lafayette, Louisiana. I want to ask all of my friends, family members and partners in the Lafayette, Louisiana area to come out on to give us a helping hand. The loading time is 6:30am through 12:00noon. The address is: 3501 N. University Ave., Lafayette, LA 70507.
Please call me at: 337-781-4208 or email: ericwowoh@canintl.org if you need any help with directions, kindly bring lunch and drinks if you can. Help spread the word about this amazing opportunity to do something outside of our comfort zones and conveniences.

Please let’s continue to pray for these containers shipment to Liberia. Thanks a lot for your continual supports and prayers for CAN, Liberia and the world. We CAN and we WILL transform Liberia through EDUCATION by His grace!.

You are changing the world positively and making a huge difference in Liberia. We have made some significance progress but we still have a lot of work to do.

I am humbled and super grateful for the opportunity to serve, God bless!