Eric Wowoh Received MRS, Conference of Catholic Bishops of America Award 2015

We thank God for the great opportunity given to our Founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network Eric Wowoh to attend as an honored guest the 50th Anniversary of the Migration and Refugee Services of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of America. This amazing event was held in Washington DC on November 19, 2015.

This is the organization that sponsored the trip of Eric Wowoh to come to America as refugees from Liberia on the resettlement program on August 29th 2006. In the past 50 years, MRS and the Conference of Catholic Bishops of America, have brought one million refugees from all over the world to America and assisted them to resettle and start a new life in US. Through this worthy program, Eric Wowoh was  resettled in Lafayette. Louisiana which is now his new home town and state in America. To learn more about the Migration and Refugee Services of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of America wonderful programs, please click here: 

This fabulous event was held downtown Washington DC at the Renaissance Hotel. Eric received the award in recognition of his excellent humanitarian works across the world that have positively affected the lives of many.  Eric said " He was very excited to receive the award in honor of all refugees around the world who are still in search of a new life in a foreign land. This award is also for the struggling people and children of Liberia. This is indeed an encouragement to me and to all of our partners, supporters, friends, family members and of course team members who are working very hard both in Liberia and abroad"
Eric said "I did not do this work alone, we have all work very hard together to get it done around the world. I am very proud of you all! Thanks guys and God bless!"

Together, we CAN break the cycle of poverty through education in Liberia.