CAN Building More New Schools in Liberia

2015 was a very special year in many ways, we were able to established strong partnerships with two very committed Liberians living in two separate countries in the diaspora.


First, we have the privileged and honor to talk about Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Stefania Costa of Wilmington, Delaware USA. This family is funding the monthly salary of 4 teachers in two classes containing 60 children in the primary division of our Heart of Grace School in the Rehab Community of City-View in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia. They have also funded the construction of an administrative building for Change Agent Network's national leadership team in Liberia. This new story building facility is located on the same land as the Heart of Grace School.

 Henry and Stefania Forte-Costa Admin Building at the Heart of Grace School in Monrovia, Liberia.

This is a very encouraging development for all of us at CAN as we have long been searching for Liberians who have a heart for their country and are willing to get involved in helping to solve their own problems; determine their own destiny and the future of their children in a hopeless environment. This is because we believe strongly that the outside world, friends and the International Community can only help the people of Liberia/Africa to solve their own problems.Ultimately, the Liberian people or the Africans themselves must lead the rest of the world in finding solutions to their numerous generational problems of lack of development, poverty and illiteracy. It is time that we stop the blame game and victim mentality lifestyles in Africa and take full responsibility of our own issues. We honestly need more people like the Costa's. May God continue to crown their excellent sacrificial works in Liberia with resounding success!

Mr. Jesse Matthews is our second Liberian partner who is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Matthews reached out to us back in October of 2015 through this Facebook message:
“Hi Eric,
my name is Jesse, I was born In Liberia but live in Canada. I saw some pictures of your school project in Gbarnga. For the past 5 years I have been working on building a school for 150 kids in a small village call Galai, in Bong county, suakoko district. located behind Cuttington college. Due top the corrupt system in Liberia we have been unsuccessful to find a reliable NGO. In order to support a project in Liberia, we need to go through a registered Canadian NGO to work with a registered Liberian NGO. Few years ago we contacted Lutheran development service but their price tag surpassed our budget of $51,000. They were asking to build a nine class room in a small village for $150,000, even though we have planned on reducing the number of class rooms due to the low budget. Anyways, long story, can you tell me how much did it cost you to built the school excluding the guest house, the cafeteria, and other facilities? Just the school alone.

Thanks Eric”

After Eric Wowoh received this short heart-touching message from Mr. Matthews, he replied immediately with gratitude. We are very thrilled to announce to you that the forgotten and lost children and people of Galai Community in Bong County, Liberia will have proper school buildings for their children to acquire good education comes March of 2016 God willing.

The are some pictures of the students and their current school building which is a house that was donated to them by one of the families in the community.


Galai Community School in Bong County is finally underway! We are building just one school building  that will consist of 12-rooms each measuring 20ft X 20ft.  The cost of the entire school is $50,000 USD.  The first installment has been sent to Liberia already and the construction of the school has started with the actual physical structure at window level.

Photos of the new school building project were taken January 5, 2016. We are getting there

The Galai Community School Building Project include:
·       9 classrooms (for grades 1-9)
·        an administration office
·       2 modern restrooms with flush toilets and running water to wash hands (3 stalls for the girls and 2 stalls for the boys)
·       A library
·       A covered walkway going completely around the building that will measure 5 ft. wide
We want to encourage you to please click here: to read more about Jesse’s personal story and his heart to bring quality education to the undeserved children of Galai Community, Bong County, Liberia.

It doesn't take that much to change the world, we just need people with a genuine heart for others who are living on the margins of LIFE with no hope and opportunity. Together, we CAN break the cycle of poverty through education in Liberia.

Thanks a million for your continual partnership and supports of CAN. We are very grateful, you are making a significant difference in a hurting world! God bless the good works of your hands!