CAN Creating Self-Sustaining Schools in Liberia

CAN ACADEMY School Opening Soon in September 2016-2017 Academic Year  in Lofa County, Northern Liberia.

Trusting God that all is well with you in all of your endeavors!

I have been to Liberia probably on 3 different occasions in 4 months. We are still in the process of fully recovering from the aftermath of the deadly Ebola crisis. We thank God that things are getting back to normal again. Thank you very, very much for your continual prayers and supports of CAN. We are super grateful for everything you do for humanity and His kingdom. The people and children of Liberia continue to keep you in their thoughts and prayers every day for God to provide for you as you reach out to others with His unconditional love. We are having special prayer time for our friends, partners, brothers and sisters in Lafayette Louisiana during these challenging times with the oil prizes going crazy to the point of lots of our generous people losing their jobs. God is still faithful no matter what happens!


I just came back to the US about three and the half weeks ago from Liberia. God willing, I will be returning there again on May 30th 2016 with a team from Madison Indiana to help undertake a plumb water well project for the school in Lofa County. We will be gone for three weeks on this trip. This special water project and trip is being funded by a young high school girl called Jordyn Bryant who I met about maybe a year ago. She is absolutely amazing! I thought I was crazy but she is more crazy than I’m in a good way. I want to encourage you to please find time to read about this world changer of our time at her website at: On this trip to Liberia, little Jordyn Bryant is coming with her mom, dad and other members of her family for the very first time to Africa. Her teacher Mr.Todd Cannon from Southwestern school in Jefferson County Indiana recently visited Liberia with me, his first time to the continent as well. This girl is a disrupter…!

This picture was taken in Madison Indiana last year 2015 during Jordyn Bryant's Clean Water Fundraising Event for Lofa County Liberia. I was out there to encourage and support her and the dynamic teenagers team she put together to wake up a sleeping world.

In this picture taken at the Heart of Grace School in Liberia, is Mr.Todd Cannon Jordyn Bryant's teacher from Southwestern school in Jefferson County Indiana during his recent visit to Liberia with me, his first time to the continent as well.


 School Building # 3 roofed in Lofa County, Northern Liberia. Getting it ready for operation comes September 2016

The good news I have for you is that, three of our biggest schools in Liberia are underway to becoming locally self-sustained school models in the country. Thanks a lot to my friend and mentor Bro. Chris Crane of Edify for the investment in my life to acquire this knowledge and the will to put them to practice. It is called the Daily Low Fees Independent Sustainable School Program. At first, I was hesitant about it but now I’m glad we did give it a try. This is a game changer in the educational delivery system of CAN for impoverished children and families in Liberia, we are super excited! Please click here on this link to read more about this amazing program:
This new school self-sustainability program will be introduced in all of our schools across Liberia comes September the new academic year 2016-2017. However, the only challenge we have right now is to raise the investment capital needed upfront to make this work.
It has been very challenging for me from a leadership standpoint to keep everyone together as a team and at the same time managing their expectations on both sides of the world. I am learning a lot about what it takes to run a business in two different worlds and cultures.
Please keep praying for me!
I need your help as soon as possible, I want you to kindly help me to make this thing work for the children of Liberia and also to help reduce the heavy financial burden on self-supported students, parents and donors.  I will love the opportunity to talk to you more in person about details of dollar amount to implement this program. Don’t panic, it is not too much, this is very durable for all of us hahaha…!
I am not asking for a handout from you, I am simply asking for your hands to work with mine in making a lasting difference in Liberia as a team.