CAN sends 132 students for National Exams (WAEC)

CAN sends 132 students to sit for the National and Regional Exams called WAEC. This examination is conducted by the Ministry of Education of Liberia under auspices of the West African Examination Council (WAEC), we had 82 students from grade 9th who took the exams from Alexandria A. Andrews Academy (Triple “A” School) in Gbarnga, Bong County, Liberia.

Due to the Ebola Epidemic in the country last school year, the national exams was postponed by the government. So technically, we have two classes combined 2015 and 2016 grade 9th students totaling 82 that successfully sat for their exams this May 19th 2016. We had 44 males and 38 female students that made it through for this academic year. This is our second cycle of students from this school to sit for the national and regional exams.

For the 12th graders at the Triple ‘A” School, we a total of 51 students who successful sat for the exams on June 27, 2016. They were 31 boys and 18 girls from our school. This is our first senior high graduating class of the Triple “A” School since it was built and opened three years ago. This brings us to a grand total of 132 students who successfully took the national exams at this school in 2016. There were 75 males and 56 females. Please let’s continue to pray for a successful result for these hard working students. Thanks a lot for your continual support and prayer for CAN. We CAN and we WILL transform Liberia through EDUCATION.

Stay tuned for more updates from other schools operated by CAN in Liberia. God bless!
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