Today, I had the honor of meeting and discussing with Dr. Kent Brantly and his wife in Dallas Forth Worth at his church. 
Dr. Kent is one of the Ebola survivors. He is a very special man who is solely after Gods heart and has a big heart for humanity. 
I was really touched and humbled by his humility. Dr. Kent just returned to the US from Liberia for the very first time since he was brought back to America with the Ebola Virus for treatment. 

He briefly shared with me how humbling his trip back to Liberia was to meet some of the precious people that he worked with before and during the Ebola Outbreak and other survivors of this deadly epidemic in the country. Most touching was the countless number of people in Liberia who came up to him personally and said “We have been praying for you! Everyone including our families, churches and communities have been praying for you! It is good to see you again! Welcome back home!”

Dr. Kent Brantly and Mrs. Nancy Writebol were the first two American Ebola patients who were flown back to America after they went down this deadly virus. They both were serving the struggling people of Liberia long before the Ebola Epidemic. Thank God for their lives and services to Liberia. We are all very, very grateful! 

Now! In order to honor all of the Ebola survivors and mark the one-year anniversary of the Ebola crisis in Dallas Texas, Change Agent Network is organizing a dinner program under the theme, "Ebola-Free World; What's Next? Featuring the Honorable Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, Liberian Ambassador to the United StatesPlease visit our website for more information at:http://www.canintl.org/registration/

Please stay tuned for more information about this important event.

Please help to spread the word by to your friends, co-workers and family members as we all work together to make a difference in a self-centered and self-promoting world.

Thanks and God bless!