Ebola Shutdown Schools in Liberia Again!

Meeting the Educational Challenges in the Aftermath of Ebola in Liberia

 Greetings, hope all is well with you this beautiful day!

After a complete shutdown of the Liberian educational system in May, 2014 due to the ebola outbreak, the Govt. of Liberia declared the schools reopened in Feb. of 2015.  However, the timing of this was ill-advised and it has caused other serious problems for the students, teachers and families involved. 

In the wake of the Ebola Crisis, parents in Liberia were not earning any money because they were not working, making business transactions, travelling or farming to take care of themselves and their children. Most communities in the country were quarantined thereby leading to an economic disaster for the poorest of the poor.

In June of 2015, barely three months after the reopening of schools in the country, the Liberian Government once again announced the closure of all schools at the end of July, to be reopened in September of 2015. These two months in between the closing of schools in July and the reopening of them in September, 2015, will enable the government and all schools in the country to plan and strategize the restoration of the educational system by getting back to the normal school year which runs from September through June each year.  

 This, however, presents us with another challenge!  Our schools raise minimum fees from students and parents to cover the running of the school and payroll. This new self-sustaining development model for our schools has given all of our partners and supporters the opportunity to focus on building more schools in other under-resourced communities in the country.

However, due to this abrupt mandate from the government to close all schools, we were not able to raise enough money from tuition to pay our teachers’ salaries, hold training workshops, study classes for students and school supplies to reopen our schools’ doors come September 2015.

In an effort to make up the deficit, we must raise approximately $100,000 to enable us to do the following; just a $100.00 per student:

  1. Conduct extra study classes to help students catch up with their lessons.
  2. Pay teachers to teach these extra classes.
  3. Pay one-month salaries for over 150 teachers in three schools across the country.
  4. Provide one-semester scholarships to 1,000 of our former students to return to school after the Ebola crisis
  5. Purchase school supplies in preparation of the reopening of school in September 2015.

Thank you so very much for your unrelenting support of our works in Liberia aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Yes indeed, we CAN educate the next generation. You are making a real difference in our one-world in the lives of disadvantaged school children in Liberia.

We want you to kindly help us!

So we are reaching out to you once again to ask for any financial support no matter how little to assist us in meeting these tough challenges for the children of Liberia. This is a help we need for just the next two months as we work very hard together by His grace to get our schools back up and running again on normal operation basis in Liberia. We cannot do these things by ourselves. It is very important and urgent for us to act now! We strongly believe that this is a solvable problem. We have a golden opportunity to be a part of changing the stories of these children in Liberia.

God bless you richly as you reach out to these little school children and their parents who can’t help themselves at this moment in these challenging times of the worst health crisis of Ebola in Liberia.

Helping Ebola Victims' and Survivors' Children Return to School in September 2015.

These are the children and dependents of the late Ms. Everlyn Beyan who died of Ebola in Gbarnga Bong Country, Central Liberia.  The late Ms. Evelyn Beyan was our very first volunteer teacher at our Alexandria A. Andrews Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in Central Liberia. The late Ms. Evelyn Beyan, was in her early twenties and had a great passion for teaching little children. Now we must all help to take care of her children by providing them scholarships to keep them in school.

The Late Ms. Evelyn Beyan-Teacher Triple A School from Bong County Central Liberia

Helping Orphans in Liberia Return to School After Ebola Crisis 

Below are members of the Victory Singing Ministry. These girls are all orphans resulting from the Liberian 14-year civil war. There are a total of 10 orphan girls in one of our schools who we are catering to; providing them with food, housing and education. This semester, we are asking you for your help in sponsoring these children by paying their tuition.  Just $100/student.

nce again, thank you so very much for your unrelenting support of our works in Liberia aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Yes indeed, we CAN educate the next generation! You are making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged school children in Liberia. God bless you richly! "What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you; whether they are free or slave"

Please use this link to make your contribution now to enable us reopen school comes September 2015 and assist as many students as possible return to school at: http://www.canintl.org/donate/



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