Eradicating Poverty Through Education in Liberia

This is our original school that is based in Rehab City View Community, Lower Johnsonville, Monrovia, Liberia. Our academic program in Liberia to transform the whole country started from right here at the Heart of Grace Elementary, Junior and senior High School. The school was founded in 2008 and it had 1500 students pre-Ebola crisis but currently has about 900 students after the Ebola outbreak.

Our students at this school just took their 1st Marking Period Test and concluded everything on Monday early this week April 13, 2015

 Many thanks to all of you for praying, helping and supporting us during one of our most terrifying times of the Ebola Epidemic in our country.

We are very glad and grateful to God that we are able to be back to school again after this deadly Ebola attack in the country. Please pray for us that God will help our remaining 600 students to come back to school as soon as possible.