Eric Wowoh and His Team Return to Liberia to Continue His Work

Eric Wowoh, Founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network

As most of you can imagine the past year and a half has been very challenging for those of us who work in Liberia and West Africa due to the Ebola Epidemic.  We are thankful to God for getting us through it and allowing us to continue serving the people of Liberia.  Ebola was not on our radar and, as a result, we have experienced significant setbacks in all of our programs and projects.  Our resources have been depleted due to our efforts to keep our faculty and staff fed and healthy during the crisis.  Since the outbreak of Ebola in May, 2014, I have not been able to return to Liberia but have kept busy raising funds and collecting much needed items to send to Liberia to help those most in need. 

Our schools also suffered tremendously as a result of Ebola.   All 14 schools were shut down by government mandate in May, 2014 and have just reopened for the first time on September 9, 2015, for which we are very grateful.  However, we still face great challenges due to lower attendance and fewer resources.  Since each child is required to pay a daily fee that sustains the school, fewer students means less resources while our expenses remain the same. 

We currently have approximately 1,000 students who are no longer able to attend school as a direct result of the Ebola Outbreak in the country.  Some have lost 1 or both parents, while others have simply lost access to income that they once enjoyed.  Due to these unforeseen circumstances, we are asking for some additional help that we normally do not need at this time of year.  Our goal is to see all of these children back in the classroom and all of our teachers receiving their full pay.  For the Fall semester this will cost approximately $100,000. We believe that by the Spring semester, these children and their families will have been able to recover and will, once again, be able to pay for their own tuition.   We would greatly appreciate any help that you can give us with this current need as well as share this need with your friends, associates, church members, etc. 

We have put together a wonderful animated video I believe you will enjoy watching  highlighting my story and our current challenges that you can feel free to share as well. 

  All donations can be made through our website or by mailing a check to our Dallas office at 10,000 North Central Expressway, Ste. 400, Dallas, TX75231.   Thankyou and God bless! 

Despite all of these setbacks, we continue on and are seeing good growth.  As a result, I recently added an office in Dallas, TX to be more easily accessible to our current donors and to expand our donor base in the area.  In that regard, we have held our first successful event on September 10th, 2015.  We were blessed to have the Liberian Ambassador to The United States as our keynote speaker as well as the Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas and other local government officials.  This event was not a fundraiser, but rather a way to honor the victims and survivors of Ebola in Dallas and Liberia as well as introduce Change Agent Network to the city of Dallas. By His grace, I am planning on traveling to Liberia October 25, 2015. I have not been there for one and thehalf year since the Ebola Outbreak in the country.   I have also hired 2 employees to help me in the Dallas office as I oversee this expansion ofCAN.  They have both been a tremendous help to me and I look forward to working with them moving forward.  The plan is for them to be running the business in the United States while I am in Liberia for the last 3 months of this year.  I am also currently working on my life storybook to be published in December by His grace.
This has been a lonely, difficult journey for me over the past several years and I want to thank you personally for standing with me and supporting me through the good times and the bad.  May God richly bless you.

All checks can be mailed to: Change Agent Network
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