June 4th Updates On World Wakers Team in Liberia.

Friday afternoon June 4th 2016, we left Bellemu Town in Bong County, and headed north towards Lofa County around 4:00pm local time. We were going to see and intermingle with the local community as well as feel, touch experience first-hand the impact of the water well project funded by World Wakers Team at the Change Agent Network-Academy (CAN-Academy).

CAN-Academy school is the first of its kind in the history of the entire lofa County encompassing from nursery through 12th grade. This school is still under-going construction at the moment. But will be ready for launching God willing comes September 2016/2017 Academic Year. CAN-Academy and the World Wakers’ Water Well Project as well as the Change Agent Network University (CAN-U), are all situated on the same piece of land which was donated to us by the local community three and the half years ago.

All of these amazing infrastructural and educational developments for the young people of Liberia, are being done in Fissibu Town, Zozor District, Lofa County in Northern Liberia.

The team arrived in Zorzor City at about 9:30pm. The road was very horrible to our American Family but for me and the rest of the local Liberians, we thought it was really good. I think there has been a huge improvement in the road condition in comparison to what it was just about a year ago. The journey last for about 4 hours of driving, it was a very long day and we were all very exhausted when we arrived in Zorzor. We spent the night in Zozor City at my younger brother David Sumo’s house.

On Saturday morning June 5th, we departed Zorzor City for Fissibu Town which is about 20 minutes-drive. The team arrived at the school, toured our facilities, met with the all-volunteer community team, the people who are living and doing all of the works on the ground.

To have a first-hand experience of life in this part of our world, we joined some community members to go fetch water from the local Crete and carry it in rubber buckets on our heads. It was really difficult but fun and humbling at the same time! Our Liberians friends, brothers and sisters laughed at us as we carried the water on our heads because you could noticeably tell that we did not know how to do it.  Little Jordyn and her brother Luke did an excellent job!

Little Jordyn and the World Wakers team inspected and dedicated their water well project. She joined the locals in painting the water –room. The team also met and took a picture with one of the strong musculous guys who hand dug the water well.  

Jordyn was presented a country fowl by a Pastor who is one of the construction workers at the school, he helped to build the water room for this project. A Chicken in the local culture and tradition in this area, is an expressing of love, gratitude, acceptance and welcome by the locals.

That evening around 4:00pm Jordyn and her little brother Luke played a soccer match with the community children on the Zorzor’s Rural Teachers Training Institute (Z.R.T.T.I) sports pitch. The two American kids played on separate teams. Luke’s team won the game against his sister Jordyn’s team in a penalty shutout.

We were surprised to see kids from Indiana knowing how to play soccer instead of basketball.

On Sunday June 6th, we went to church at the school and left Lofa County that afternoon to return to the capital city of Monrovia. Once again, please share and tag your friends, family members and loves in this post.

Final updates on this trip will be coming your way either tomorrow or the day after. Thanks, take care and God bless!