Leader of No Status In Society

Eric Wowoh, Founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network

As I grow older in my work of serving others and giving my life away for the good of humanity and His kingdom, I am astonish by how majority of people today are fascinated with evil behaviors and horrible news in the media.

In our human culture today, I find it increasingly difficult and frustrating to understand how we will rather spend hours, days, months and probably years discussing, analyzing and spending ridiculous money and resources on evil things and promoting evil doers than the good things that very few good people are doing to make this world a better place for all of us. 

We give these evil people all of our time, attention and audience to talk about the evil things they are doing to mankind. Unfortunately, we are way too busy and don’t have anytime at all to highlight the good deeds of the few in our society who are trying to bring about positive change.

We say to them things like: The joy of the lord is your strength. We will be praying for you. We wish you good luck and so on. Those of us who are social entrepreneurs trying to find solutions to these terrible social problems in our world, if we are lucky, only receive five minutes from the majority of people to listen to our vision and mission to transform the world. The attention span of the average human being especially in America for good things in society is now 2 minutes

There no free air-time, most often no interest and no resources available at all for the people who are trying to do good work and be good people in a hurting world; people who care about others and are really creating the culture of the future for the next generation. This is very unfortunate and I hope and pray that, we will start paying close attention to our world and the next generation; our appetite for good  things and our willingness to reward good behavior in society will be greater than evil.

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