Liberia’s Devastating 2016 National Exam Results


In Liberia, the results coming in from the recent conducted national promotional and high school diploma exam is very devastating. We will be bringing you detail results of the exams from our own schools in the country as soon as possible. Once again, these new heartbreaking exams results of Liberia, MUST be of serious concern to all educated Liberians to take immediate drastic action to address the bleak educational future of our country. 

The results of the national exam nationwide is very devastating including our own school Heart of Grace located in Monrovia, Liberia. The entire grade 12th class at Heart Grace School failed in English Language exam which means that no student passed from the senior class this year. This is completely unprecedented in the five years history of the school, we are still awaiting the results for grade 9th.

At the county and district level, we are still working and waiting on getting the general results from the Ministry of Education District and County offices for all  of the other high schools results in the region. It is taking a long time to get these results because there are wide reports of discrepancies and fraud in the system and this has led to an out cry from the public for investigation.

This West Africa Education exam which is conducted every year in Liberia and other English speaking countries in the sub-region. Liberia is the worst among the rest like Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Republic of Gambia.

Students who don't pass the 12th grade exam, don't graduate from high school. Those students will have to go through extra tutorial classes outside of regular school to prepare themselves to retake the national exam in the following year or whenever they are ready to do so at any high school in the country. 

To all of our friends and partners of Liberia abroad, we say thanks a lot for your continual support! We have done great work but we still have a lot to do for the future of the country by making education number one priority for the young people of Liberia. Thanks for your time, take care and God bless!
We CAN and we WILL transform Liberia through education!