The Man Who Changed My Life Forever!

Leaving for Africa to meet the man who positively impacted my life forever!

Mr. Desmond Ovbiagele and Eric Wowoh hanging out in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is Eric Wowoh, hope everything is cool, calm and peaceful around you and that you are doing very well in 2016 by His grace.
God willing, I am leaving for Liberia on Feb 2, 2016 via Nigeria to meet and visit with my dear friend and brother in the Lord Desmond Ovbiagele in Lagos for a few days. Mr. Desmond is the man who God used to radically transformed my life for the better and firmly placed me in the position I am in today to be able to fulfill my life calling. Mr. Desmond Ovbiagele is a Nigerian from Edo State in Western Nigeria, West Africa.
I spent over ten years as a refugee living in the Oru-Ijebu Refugee Camp in Ogun State Nigeria. Mr. Desmond and I met in early 2000 when I was still deeply living in an unimaginable situation in the camp. We established an extraordinary relationship that helped me discover myself and add meaning to my life and others. He is the God Father of Change Agent Network and my personal mentor in the kingdom economic work we are doing today around the world for humanity.
As a refugee, I learned a lot from Mr. Desmond. He taught me the importance of putting God first in everything I do. Not worrying about anything either material or financial but work very hard to have the single most important thing in life which is integrity. I learned about hard work, sacrificial giving, excellent and compassion for my fellow human beings.
Mr. Desmond gave me and the refugee community our very first three sets of computers with two little Tiger generators that set into place the foundation for Change Agent Network to be built. He also single- handedly funded the construction of the two computer schools and community centers we built in the refugee camp.  Mr. Desmond personally financed the expansion of our computer school program to Liberia by paying for our very first school land in Johnsonville, first school building construction and the purchasing of more computers as well as training materials to jumpstart the program in Liberia. He provided startup capital for our initial team in Liberia to keep the program running there. This was all prior to my coming to America in 2006.
Mr. Desmond and I have not seen each other for about three years now. So, I am super excited to get to see him again and give him personal updates on the progress of the excellent works we all have been able to accomplished together as a team both here in the US, Canada, London and Liberia. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Eric Wowoh Heading to Liberia from Nigeria

From Nigeria, I am scheduled to be in Liberia on Feb 6 through the 20th of 2016. While in Liberia, I will be joining our local construction and leadership teams on the ground to roof our current school buildings project in Galai, Suakoko District in Bong County Central Liberia. 
This special 12 classrooms school project is being funded by my fellow Liberian Brother. Jesse Matthews and his dynamic team of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Click here to read more about this incredible piece of educational project for the disadvantaged children of Liberia at:

The on-going Galai Community School Project in Bong County, Central Liberia

Also I will be traveling on this trip to Zorzor District in Lofa County in Northern Liberia to spent some quality time with family, friends and co-workers at our center there. I have not been to Lofa county for two years now. My mission there is to see and appreciate the local people and the CAN’s leadership team on the ground for the incredible work they have all done with the on-going construction of the Change Agent Network Academy encompassing from K-12 grade. My visit to this area has been long coming especially since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Epidemic. The Galai Community School in Bong Count and CAN-Academy in Lofa County are both expected to open for operation September 2016. When open later on this year,  it is estimated that these two schools will be providing proper education to over a 1,000 impoverished children.

Our National Leadership Team in Liberia

CAN's Plan to Transform Liberia Through Education by 2025.

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Thanks a million for giving the gift of education to the young people of Liberia and your continual partnership and supports of CAN. We are very grateful, you are making a significant difference in a hurting world! God bless the good works of your hands!