Our US # 1 Partner Wedding Day

Yesterday November 28, 2015 was the wedding day of my very good friend, sister and number one US partner in CAN for the total development of Liberia. She was formerly known as Ms. Heather Lecky but now officially known as Mrs. Heather Whitney.

Congratulations to you on your fabulous wedding Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Heather Whitney. It was really wonderful to be at your wedding with some of your special friends from Liberia.

May God continue to bless you and your family as well as fulfill each one of your heart desires in life. You have positively touched the lives of many across the world specifically Liberia. I truly thank God for the day that I met you for my life and mission have been greatly impacted by your love, care, kindness and generosity.

Mrs. Heather Whitney and Mrs. Marti Thomas are Change Agent Network’s number one partners in the United States. They were the very first American Ladies who got on the airplane to come to Liberia with me to help us build schools for children when it wasn’t safe at all. This trip wasn’t the smartest thing to do because of everything that was happening in Liberia at that time.
Since the first visit of these two amazing ladies to Liberia, everything in my world, my life and that of my family have completely changed positively including those that they came in contact with on the ground during the trip.

Mrs. Heather Whitney also served on CAN’s board for five years. She was our very first fundraiser, most dynamic CPA, treasurer, secretary and connecter in Lafayette Louisiana. As a matter of fact, because of these two wonderful women hearts of gold, we are leaving with another team to Liberia again to continue to positively transform the country through education on Dec 7th 2015.

On behalf of the people and children of Liberia as well as my personal family, we say thanks a million ladies and congratulations on your wedding Mrs. Heather Whitney! We all feel fulfilled today and successful in living the purpose for each of our lives because you were willing to risk everything by allowing God to use you in a challenging environment to transform a whole nation.

We are absolutely most grateful for the opportunity and God bless!