Our US Based Mother Team Return From Liberia

By His grace, we are back to the United States. We returned from Liberia with our Louisiana based Mother Team yesterday Dec 14, 2015. Our two weeks trip to Liberia was eventful, tense and fully loaded with a lot of things to do including several high-profile meetings with national stakeholders. 

We thank God for everything! We bring you special greetings from the people and children of Liberia. I sincerely apologize for my inability to give you guys updates from Liberia during our trip because of the horrible internet service and phone connection in our location in Lower Johnsonville. Furthermore, my most reliable cell phone number that I have had for over five years was taken away from me and given to a new customer by the Lone Star Cell Phone Company Service Provider. The reason was that I did not use my cell phone number for more than a whole year throughout the Ebola Crisis.

We met with some high-profile stakeholders like the President of the University of Liberia and the Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Instructions at the ministry of Education etc. 

Our team also had the opportunity to celebrate with the 10th cycle graduating class of 2015 of our 842 Computer Technology Training School for adults. I have not participated in any of our graduation ceremonies since 2012. For this 2015 training cycle, we had a total of 65 students enrolled into the program from the beginning of the training but 46 graduated.

Our 842 Computer school in the Zorzor District area of Lofa County in Northern Liberia, will be having their first graduation ceremony on the 19th of Dec 2015. One hundred and ten (110) students will be graduating from this program. Our other school in Gbarnga, Bong County in Central Liberia will be having their second graduation program in the New Year 2016 God willing.

A very big thanks to our local dynamic team on the ground in Liberia that are doing the hardest work in this organization. We are very grateful and God bless! 

Thanks guys for everything you do for humanity to help make this world a better place than we met it! Yes we CAN transform Liberia through education. Please stay tuned for more updates from our trip in the