Rotary Interact Club DeSoto TX Builds a School in Liberia

Great meeting today early morning at 7:00am at the DeSoto Rotary Club. We had the privilege once again to meet and speak with the young leaders of the Rotary Interact Club of the DeSoto High School in the suburb of Dallas, Texas. CAN is humbled to be in partnership with these dynamic young people. They are working in collaboration with the Rotary Club of DeSoto and their school administration as well as the school district superintendent to build a sister-school in Liberia called DeSoto Academy in Grand Cape Mount County Northwestern Liberia.

Our vision for Liberia is a new nation free of physical, mental and spiritual poverty.

Please continue to pray for and support this special school project for the young people of Liberia as we all work together to clean up the educational mess of Liberia. One person or organization can’t do this overwhelming piece of job alone, we need everyone involvement and support to change this horrible story of Liberia to a positive one. Yes, we CAN transform Liberia through education physically, mentally and spiritually. Thanks and God bless!