Updates From Eric Wowoh in Liberia

Left is Mr. Horatious Richardson, Ms. Julie Alexander, Ms. Geraldine Brown, Mrs. Jessica Philips in middle and  Pastor David Snylder to the right,  Mr. Jesse Phillips, Eric Wowoh and Mr. George Thomas.

Please note that these updates are one week old.

After a short but profitable stop in Nigeria to visit and updates my friend, brother and mentor Mr. Desmond Ovbiagele, I arrived in Liberia on Sunday, Feb 7.  Waiting here to join me on this trip was Julie Alexander, Operation Liberia.  She is a Missionary, surrendered to come to Liberia, who has been traveling for the past 3 years, selling baskets for the support of orphanages and schools in Liberia while raising support to relocate to Liberia permanently to work with women and children. I met Julie through a mutual friend of ours at a Missions Conference  Lafayette, LA where I had returned to check on a shipment we have in progress.  After a short breakfast meeting, I found that she not only had a heart for Liberia and it’s women and children, but that she is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of professional accounting and auditing experience.  We both agreed that this meeting was no coincidence.  After flying to Dallas to meeting members of the CAN board, we agreed that Julie should travel to Liberia with me on this trip, to visit out schools, see the work and meet with our Administrative and Finance team members on the ground in Liberia.  We are prayerfully anticipating her joining our team, to provide assistance to our financial team while partnering with us to empower women by providing valuable accounting, book keeping and financial training to the local Liberian National Leadership Team of CAN-LIBERIA. 

From left is Mr. David Beyan, next to him is Mrs. Deborah Lindholm, in the middle is Eric Wowoh, Ms. Julie Alexander and Mr. George Thomas.

Also on this return to Liberia, I met Jesse and Jessica Phillips, (23 and 22 years old, respectively) very young American missionaries with For The Lamb, a not-for-profit organization committed to the education of children and the empowerment of Liberian communities through training and agriculture. The name comes from the story of the Moravians and how they sold themselves into slavery in order to spread the gospel proclaiming, “It’s all for the Lamb of God!” Jesse and Jessica, who moved to Liberia in December 2015, are also joining us as we travel throughout Liberia visiting the existing Change Agent Schools.  Another interesting note is that Jesse and Jessica travelled with Julie in the spring of 2013 which was their first trip to Liberia as part of a Missions Team. God used that trip to affect the hearts of these individuals, turn their eyes to Liberia, and leave behind the comforts of America and their families to find God’s will for their lives in Liberia.  We are excited about these meetings and look forward with great anticipation to where the Lord might take these new partnerships.
On Monday, Feb. 8, we met with Deborah Lindholm and David Beyan, executive directors of Foundation For Women (FFW).  FFW is a not-for-profit organization that has empowered women through micro-enterprise training and loans for the last 20 years, beginning in India and now in Liberia.  We recognize great synergies in our organization and appreciate their willingness to work alongside us, sharing valuable information and resources so that we can all meet our common goals.

The Crew at work in the new CAN-LIBERIA's Administrative Building Funded and donated by Mr. Mrs. Stefania Forte and Henry Costa 2015.

On Tuesday, Feb 9 we had a visit from Pastor David Snylder, Executive Director of CAFMACP (Christian Alliance for Missions and Church Planting). He and his organization are partners with For The Lamb. CAFMACP and For the Lamb have been working to develop a 50 acre plot of land in Bomi County that they call Beulah, named from Isaiah 62:4 “No longer will they call you Deserted, or Desolate. But you will be called Beulah, for the Lord will take delight in you.” Beulah will house a Children’s Rescue Village, a School and Medical Clinic, and a Pastor Training Center, along with a sustainable agriculture project to meet the needs of the people of that area.  We are excited to provide them with the connections and model they need to see their vision come about. 
Tonight we meet with our Administrative staff, to make introductions and discuss some plans we have for the future administration and directional plans.
On Thursday, we leave for Lofa and Bong Counties to visit our work there as well as other potential sites for future development that have been identified.  Next week will travel to Bomi to see the CAN work there and visit the location for the Beulah development.  We give glory to God for all his has and is doing and look forward to reporting more positive results to you next week.

Your financial contributions will help us to continue to provide quality education to thousands of underserved children across Liberia. With your donations, we are able to pay the cost of shipping containers of educational supplies, provide training, labor and local staff costs, deployment and transportation as well as in-country program support.

Thanks a million for giving the gift of education to the young people of Liberia and your continual partnership and supports of CAN. We are very grateful, you are making a significant difference in a hurting world! God bless the good works of your hands!

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