Updates on World Wakers Team in Liberia

The things we constantly take for granted like water, people in other places spend their entire lives trying to get just a bucket of water to drink. They focus on the things that really matters!

On Thursday June 2nd 2016, we arrived and spent the night at the Hidden Eyes Guest House located on the Triple “A” School Campus in Gbarnga, Bong County, Central Liberia. On this trip to Gbarnga, Bong County, we had the privilege and honor of having Ms. Erica Davies join us to see the rural part of the country which I called the REAL Liberia. Ms. Erica Davies is a wonderful young Liberian woman who was born in New York but grew up in New Jersey. She has a very big heart for education in her country. Ms. Erica first came to Liberia to visit back in 2013 and she was here for 3 years strict and then she left for the US. She just returned to the country again two months ago to stay permanently. Until now, Erica had never seen nor been to any rural area in Liberia. We are very excited about her returning home and her strong heart desire to get involved in changing her nation’s negative image through education. Thanks a lot, Ms. Erica, for joining CAN! We look forward to working with you!

That Thursday evening, some members of the Victory Kids Singing Ministry visited with the Bryant Family at the guest house. They sang two special songs for their American family members. The Victory Kids are a group of orphans, homeless and neglected teenagers - all girls who were rescued from the streets by Mrs. Amanda Slogan. They are right now about 17 girls total and their number is still growing. Mrs. Slogan is training the girls in Liberian cultural singing and dancing. They often receive invitations to come and perform at events and church services in different places in the country. 

As a direct result of the senseless, brutal Liberian civil war, there are a lot of orphans who have been lost and forgotten about completely by society and normal people. The situation is worst in rural Liberia which has also been completely disregarded and forgotten.

CAN is currently working with Mrs. Amanda Slogan (Mother of the girls) and these struggling, talented and amazing young ladies themselves to transform their lives through education so that they have a change of status in our broken and self-centered culture. CAN built these girls and their new parents a five-bedroom house 3 years ago. CAN also is providing free education to almost all of the girls at the Triple “A” School in Gbarnga, Bong County. These girls are fabulous, intelligent and talented! Little Jordyn and her family really enjoyed the girls’ presence and spending quality time with them talking about creative arts.

The following morning, Friday June 3rd, the rock star on our team, Jordyn Bryant, representing the World Wakers organization, and her family met with and greeted the students, school administration, teachers and support staff members. They donated some soccer balls to the school. The team toured the school campus and saw the modern water well in house plumbing system installed at the school. This water well system was setup by one of our partners Hope2Liberia.

At about 11:00AM on Friday, June 3, we left Gbarnga City for Bellemu Town, which is about an hour drive. Bellemu Town is located in the Panta District area of Bong County, Central Liberia. It is just 10 minutes drive from the Liberian-Guinean border. We met with our most dynamic partner living in Liberia, Bro. Jackson Quenisear and his family. We visited the Genesis Rice Farm Project, which Jackson is in charge of. This is a 300-acre rice farm project in rural Liberia. On this rice farm, the work force is made of 70% women. This is really disturbing to me, I don’t know what’s actually going on with our men both old and young around the world. The women are taken over everything and doing an amazing work for family and children.

Rev. Jackson and his wife, Mrs. Harriett Quenisear, left the city of Monrovia to relocate to this remote part of the country in the middle of nowhere and established a home here not just for themselves but most importantly for over 40 orphans and another 50 children in foster care. Jackson and family run a very beautiful school for the children with over 300 students in rural Liberia receiving education. Jackson is the local pastor in charge of a church in his village Bellemu, he runs the only convenience store in the area.

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Together we CAN and we WILL transform Liberia through education! Thanks a lot again for your time, support and partnership with CAN, God bless!