Third News Updates from Eric Wowoh in Liberia

I am still here in Liberia working hard to help break the cycle of poverty through education in the country. In the last 3-4 weeks, I have had to cancelled and rescheduled my return flight to the US three times now. The reason being that, we have 3 new school campuses under construction in three separate locations across the country. We want to make sure that we meet the timeline of September 2016 to complete the building processes of these new schools. We want the children to start attending school in the new academic year of September 2016.

Today, I want to give you updates on the Hope for Life School. This is a 12-Classrooms School Construction Project which is Located in the Christian Community off the Pipeline Road in Paynesville Community, Monrovia. This new school is currently at 50% window level in terms of construction. We should be at roof level by the end of this new week starting tomorrow March 7, 2016. This school belongs to our good friend and brother James Vah. We are very grateful for the opportunity to tag along him in helping to bring this long awaited dream to fruition. We are humbled to serve the less privileged children of Liberia in very small ways.

The strong Liberian Women are the major driving force behind most of our works across the country. They want education for their children and they will do just anything to make that possible including physically taking over the construction works from the men who are most of the times thinking and praying about it. The men are always trying to explain why it can’t be done while the women are like come on guys, let’s do this for ourselves and our children. Very encouraging for to me see these amazing women in action for their country!

I have once again rescheduled my return flight to the US for March 13, 2016. Amazing things are happening here at CAN in Liberia in positively transforming the lives of the next generation who have been often forgotten and lost in a self-centered, challenging and corrupt society. As for me and my team, we have committed our lives to bringing about cultural change in this country in the area of fighting poverty at all levels. So, I am still here doing the things that I am supposed to be doing with my life.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your continual support and prayers for CAN. We are also very grateful to all of the other wonderful organizations and individuals who are in Liberia working tirelessly around the clock to bring about REAL CHANGE in a hurting world. Like I always said, we can’t do any of these things by ourselves without your involvement and contributions towards a worthy cause by using your resources, time and energy. This is definitely bigger than any individual and organization including the government. It is going to take the active involvement and participation of every man and woman as well as boy and girl to change the story of Liberia for the better. But I strongly believe that together, we CAN make a lasting difference in the lives of the children.

This weekend, we sent a team of 6 Change Agents from our Headquarters in Monrovia to Tappeita, Ziah District, Nimba County Southeast Liberia. Our team is out there to assess the environment to build a high school in the area working in partner with the local people and the Ziah Development Association (ZDA), 

CAN was invited by Mr. Rufus Saylee who is an advice-giver to the Ziah Town Association. Ziah Town is made up of two other surrounding towns which are called Ziah One, Two and Three. When build, this new school will provide quality education to over 23,000 people in this part of Liberia.
Mr. Rufus Saylee and his team provided funding to pay for the entire trip. Since the foundation of the earth, Ziah Town with 23,000 people have never ever had a high school for the children and young people in this part of our country.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the other two schools in the days ahead. Thanks so very much for your time, take care and God bless! 

Kindly share this updates with your friends, family members, love-ones and others so that we can spread the word together to get more people involved. REMEMBER, THIS IS BIGGER THAN ANY OF US!