Video Highlights of CAN # 12 Shipping Container of Supplies to Liberia July 2016.


I want to thank all of the volunteers who came out today to help us load our first container of supplies to Liberia in 2016. It was really awesome to see and worked with over 25 strong volunteers, boys, girls, men, women and children showed up early this Saturday morning July 16 to help people they don’t know at all or have any direct connection with whatsoever. Whites, African American, Black Africans, Hispanic all came out today working together in love, peace and harmony to make a difference in a hurting world. This mazing folks!

We had about 4 different churches in the area presented today, namely Trinity Bible my own home church, Metro Life Church, Temple Baptist and Our Savior’s Downtown.

It was indeed a wonderful day! On behalf of the struggling people and children of Liberia, I want to say thanks so very much for your sacrifices, including those of you who contributed financially, materially and prayerfully to make this shipment possible. May God continue bless the good works of your hands!

This container was filled to capacity with about 300 used computers and accessories, 40, 000 pounds of dehydration food, 15,000 assorted text books, medical supplies, Bibles and Christian Literatures.

We are going to start working on our last shipment for 2016 tomorrow. Please call me if there is anything you can do to help us cover the cost of this final shipment of the year. I will love to hear from you. Remember, “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you my friend”

Please share with friends, family members and love ones, help spread the word.
I am super grateful to all of you and God bless!