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Welcome! Welcome and Welcome again! We are so glad to see you visit our website today! Thank you so much for your time, contributions and interest in Change Agent Network where we are “Changing Minds, Hearts and lives!” It is very difficult for one person, or just a hand full of people, to push the wagon of change in a self-absorbed world. But we are very thrilled today to have you jump on board with us in pushing this heavy wagon of freedom, hope and opportunity for people who have lived in under-resourced communities in Liberia, West Africa. We believe that we can change the world if everyone rises up and gets involved to do what they can to make a lasting difference in the life of a fellow human being. We cannot do this alone; we really need your continual partnership, help and involvement to accomplish our mission. Once again, thank you very much for visiting us today and may God bless you richly for being a channel of hope to the needy!

If you would like any information or would just like to say a quick hello, please fill out the form below, we would love to hear from you. Take care and all of the best!

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 New Breed Center
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