Yesterday’s Treasure, Tomorrow’s Hope

Yesterday's Treasure, Tomorrow's Hope are things that Americans considered important and valuable yesterday but become trash when something newer, better, or perhaps a different color, shape or size came along. 

In this program, we create awareness in America about the desperate plights of under-resourced Liberian children, communities and families that can't afford to meet even the baseline survival needs of life.

According to our Founder and Executive Director Mr. Eric Wowoh, we call this program “Yesterday’s Treasure, Tomorrow’s Hope” because, “When he just first arrived here in the US ten years ago as a refugee, he was very shocked to see how much stuff the American society threw-away every single hour of every day.”

We collect these materials that were cherished yesterday by the American people but are no longer exciting to them today. We ship everything donated to CAN in a container to bring hope to a dying and struggling people and communities in Liberia, West Africa. 

By donating these things to CAN to ship to Africa, Americans have an opportunity to become better stewards of their abundant resources and can, in effect, build a waste free society.

This program is our chain of supply to meet some of our educational, infrastructural, and human resource development needs in Liberia. Typically, the things we collect and ship include gently used or excess supply of:

  1. Computers and Accessories
  2. Handheld Devices
  3. School Supplies
  4. Both New and Used Text Books for all levels of learning
  5. Education Technology devices
  6. Hospital Equipment and Supplies
  7. Agriculture Tools and Equipment
  8. Infrastructural Development Machinery
  9. Medical Supplies and etc.


By the grace of God, we are currently working on shipping two 40ft f00t hq high or 18 wheeler containers to Liberia by  July  ending and the beginning of early August 2016. This year’s containers have over 300 gently used computers and accessories, 40 thousand pounds of food, medical supplies and over 20, 000 assorted text books for all levels of learning. We also have 4 pallets of Bibles and Christian Literatures.

This will be our number 12 and 13 containers of supplies to Liberia in the last 9 nine years. We have one of the containers fully paid for already. If you know of anyone who is interested in helping us financially to pay for the other one, please put us in touch with that individual or organization. The cost of shipping one 40ft foot container to Liberia from Lafayette, Louisiana is now at $4,500. It takes about two months on sea to get there. These materials are priceless in Liberia; they will be used in our various schools across the country. The children and parents will be very excited in the new school year 2016/2017.


We want to thank all of the volunteers who came out to help us load our first container of supplies to Liberia in 2016. It was really awesome to see and worked with over 25 strong volunteers, boys, girls, men, women and children showed up early Saturday morning July 16 to help people they don’t know at all or have any direct connection with whatsoever. Whites, African Americans, Black Africans, Hispanic all came out today working together in love, peace and harmony to make a difference in a hurting world. This is amazing folks!

We had about 4 different churches in the area presented, namely Trinity Bible Church, Metro Life Church, Temple Baptist and Our Savior’s Downtown.

It was indeed a wonderful day! On behalf of the struggling people and children of Liberia, we want to say thanks so very much for your sacrifices, including those of you who contributed financially, materially and prayerfully to make this shipment possible. May God continue bless the good works of your hands!

 Please contact us if there is anything you can do to help cover the cost of this final shipment of the year. We will love to hear from you. Remember, “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you my friend”

Please share with friends, family members and love ones, help spread the word.
we are super grateful to all of you and God bless!


During the deadly Ebola Epidemic in West Africa specifically in Liberia and Sierra Leone, we shipped four 4oft or 18 wheeler containers of medical supplies and food to these counties to join in the fight against the spread of the Ebola Virus. These shipments were sent to West Africa through our Operation Stop Ebola Program.