CAN Magazine - First Edition


Dear Friend and Partner,

Twice a year, CAN Magazine sets the tone for informed and thoughtful discussion around the work in Liberia. Focusing on the biggest segment of the Liberian populace and providing a report to the many donors of CAN and friends of Liberia, who are concerned about its development at all levels. Reaching to nearly 1500 readers from America, which would include but is not limited to, the major NGOs, Donors and readers from across the globe. Therefore, it covers educated readers nationwide and international, in print and online. The Magazine explores the issues in Liberia and projects of CAN: in education, containers shipment, schools building, housing project for homeless, University completion, partnership, projects, culture, artists and more about Liberia.

The magazine will be couriered to the readers every year, in July. The audience for the magazines will be the partners of CAN, new donors who would like to understand our work and projects before starting the partnership, old donors who want to understand what they missed (from the newsletters) during the year.