CAN Medical Clinic

"Your real wealth is your health"

"A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy. Health is more valuable than money. Money cannot buy health and happiness. But a healthy person remains in a state of gratification and happiness. A healthy person is completely free from any illness or injury"


There are three basic human needs we are committed to tackling in Liberia namely: Education, Health Care and Agriculture.

We have developed and implemented our entrepreneur idea to address the issue of education for underserved Liberian children and youths in Liberia through the schools that we are building, operating and sustaining locally.

The second critical piece of our model to break the cycle of poverty in Liberia is healthcare. Children in our schools come to school every single day very sick from their various homes, especially the little ones in elementary school. Some arrive at school with chronic fewer, Malaria, Typhoid etc. The little children in daycares and nursery who can’t talk properly are unable to tell us where they live, who their parents are, contact phone numbers, what’s wrong with them etc.

We must take care of the children first before searching for their parents. Unfortunately, even when we eventually find the parents, they are so poor that they can’t afford to give us anything reward. To contact parents, we have to sometimes ask classmates or schoolmates of the sick child to take us to their home. Most parents living in rural Liberia have no cell phone number to call.

SANITARY PADS: The majority of teenage girls come to school with no sanitary pads. They have to use old pieces of clothes and tissues and disposing these materials after used in combos in the school; thereby clogging the combos.

MISCARRIAGES OF PREGNANT WOMEN: Most pregnant women die as a result of miscarriages because there are no health facilities in the community to cater to them. The school management must take the financial responsibility to take these sick children to medical facilities outside of our community to be treated and settled the bills.



Due to the above-mentioned health care challenges and programs we face on a daily bases in each of our school, we decided  about a year ago to build, setup, operate and financially sustained a medical clinic attached to each large school in Liberia encompassing from Pre-K through grade 12th. This medical clinic is to meet the health needs of our school children, employees and community members. 


We do a one-time fundraising campaign in the US and with other global partners of Liberia both individuals and corporations to build and equip a medical clinic at each school a year. We have our first medical clinic setup at the Heart of School in Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Liberia. The school currently have over 600 students with about 60 employees. The City View, Rehab Community where the school is specifically located, has over 15, 000 people.  Our 2018 budget for this project stands at: $60,000.00 USD.

The on-going financial sustainability of the medical clinic is done locally through our  students' and employees' health insurance program. Our students pay for their health insurance through their school fees payment plan. Our students' health insurance cost is embedded into their daily school fees. The students' health insurance cost is a flat rate across the board for everyone which is currently like 5.00 Liberian Dollars equivalent to 0.05 US dollars.  Meanwhile, our employees' health insurance cost is taken out of their paychecks on a monthly bases. Our employees also pay for  their health insurance with a flat rate which is presently like Liberian Dollars 200.00 equivalent to $1.50 US cents. We charge members of the general public affordable health care cost. The money collected from our patients is use  for payroll to staff the medical clinic and provide recurring supplies to keep the clinic running. Next school year which starts in September of 2018, we hope to enable our patients to pay for their health insurance cost with livestocks and cash crops which is their local economy. 

The devastating Ebola Epidemic in the West African Sub Region of 2014 through 2016, caught us with our pants down. Liberia was the hardest-hit by this horrible health crisis. From now onward, we want to ensured that we are prepared to confront any future disease outbreak in Liberia.



IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED WITH THIS UNIQUE PROGRAM, PLEASE CONTACT US: EMAIL: INFO@CANINTL.ORG  PHONE: 469-418-5663 or write us at: 10000 North Central Expressway, Suite 400 Dallas, Texas 75231.