I Appreciate Your Partnership!

Thank you so very much for your partnership with me. I am super grateful for your support. May God continued to bless the good works of your hands!

Eric Wowoh, Founder & Executive Director of Change Agent Network, Inc.

Eric Wowoh, Founder & Executive Director of Change Agent Network, Inc.


I am Eric Wowoh, a former Liberian refugee, but now a permanent resident of the United States of America living in Dallas, Texas. I am a native of Fissibu Town, Zorzor District, Lofa County in northern Liberia, West Africa.

I am humbled to be the Founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network,  a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization which goal is to transform the entire nation of Liberia through Education, Sustainable Development and the Hope of the Gospel.

In 2006, the U.S. Government, through a refugee resettlement program, brought me to America. During the Liberian civil war in 1990, I was captured as a child by rebels, beaten, tortured and left me to die. Miraculously, I escaped to exile and spent 14 years living in refugee camps. In 2002, around age 23, I was donated a computer by a kind of mine in Nigeria. I learned how to use the computer with the help of another refugee in the camp and then I began training other refugees from all over the continent of Africa. I established Change Agent Network in the United Sates as a nonprofit 501 C 3 organization from the origins of that one single desktop computer that was donated 16 years ago. God has used my life story and that one computer to impact the lives of many across the world. I have been working fulltime for this worthy organization since its inception with no fix salary.

I presently spend like 50-70 percent of my time working in Liberia to provide vision and leadership of the work we do in the various schools across the country.

I spend the other 30-40% of my time in the US to maintain my Green Card / Permanent Residence Status in the country by paying taxes. With my Permanent Residence Status, I am not allowed to spend more 6 months outside or else the US Government will assumed that I have taken residency in Liberia; thereby denying me reentry into the country and terminating my status in the US.  When I am here in the US, I spent all of my time fundraising for the work in Liberia, giving updates to my partners, friends, supporters and visiting with family members. I also travel around the country to share my personal story and that of the people and children of Liberia with those who invite me.


According to the structure of Change Agent Network and our donation policy, all contributions go directly to the designated program. Therefore, I am responsible to raise my own support. Your financial partnership with me will certainly create stability in my life to take care of myself and family needs. This will of course enable me to receive a full monthly salary for the first time in my life and give me the ability to pay my personal income taxes to both the US and Liberian Governments. I will be able to pay for my health and car insurance bills  as well as  house or apartment rent. For example, I did not receive any salary for the entire year of 2017 thereby creating some serious financial challenges in my life.


I and my team have successfully built 14 schools in 6 counties of Liberia. We are presently educating over 3,000 underserved children in Liberia. There are 200 employees on payroll nationwide. Within the past 7 years, Change Agent Network has graduated more than 1,400 students, many of which have become meaningful contributors to society. One such student is Jerolimic Piah, the past Liberian Presidential Press Secretary to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Outside of Liberia, my life story and work has impacted positively the lives of many across the world and given a lot of people the opportunity to make a difference in a dark and cold world.

“Project 15,” is my ultimate goal in Liberia which is the establishment of a holistic development center in each of the fifteen counties of Liberia using education technology, leadership, business and entrepreneurship as our focused programs. CAN’s long-term goal is the construction of the Change Agent Network University in Northern Liberia.


Change Agent Network (CAN) connects under-resourced African communities with Global Partners to launch local sustainable schools to break the cycle of poverty. 


A New and Better Liberia that is Free of Corruption, Physical, Mental, Relational and Spiritual Poverty.