“Transforming Liberia Through Christian Mentorship”


 My name is MaKebeh G. Sando, a born native of Liberia, West Africa, always had a lifelong fascination for education for myself and others. I have experienced first hand the effects of the 14-year Liberian Civil War. I was blessed to have migrated to the United States at the age of 8 as a refugee, gaining an opportunity of hope, and a future through education. This is the opportunity

Ms. MaKebeh G. Sando

Ms. MaKebeh G. Sando

I vow to give back to children. As  I am currently furthering my education as a Clinical Psychology Masters Candidate, at the University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth, I hope that others can also access higher levels of education. I believe that everyone deserves an education in all areas because knowledge is indeed power when used for good. Education comes from both academia and experience “I want to be a beacon of hope that helps to bring sustainable change, awareness, and progress to Liberia” . As a published Author of “Unquenchable-The Burning Bush Within,”

I share the importance of being free from Mental poverty,Spiritual poverty, Psychological poverty and Physical poverty. I believe my purpose is to uplift the children of Liberia through Mentorship, which God has placed in my heart. I have begun that journey with the help of Change Agent Network. My first journey back to my homeland Liberia was August 2018 through CAN.

My experience in Liberia led me to listen to the voice of God to begin an Educative Initiative called Eve’s Grace Scholastic Initiative.With the help of Change Agent Network and the youths of Students Against Corruption this Initiative is already making strides and impacts on the Liberian Children lives. The initiative purpose is divided into two segments, sponsorship for children 6-12 years old and a Scholarship Essay competition for High School students 14-25 years old, which includes Mentorship.

After returning home to the US from Liberia, I couldn’t turn my back on the children, exposure open my eyes and heart even more to what God purposed for my life, reality hit me, we all need that ONE mentor that believes in us no matter our circumstances and environment. I believe in our Liberian youth” with God that is what I want to be for our future leaders, Eve’s Grace Initiative is only the beginning” God is expanding this vision drastically. Within one year I entered Liberia twice , it has been a blessing in the possibilities of what he is doing, God is truly Involve. Yes we CAN! 

This began after my trip to Liberia and seeing the need of the people , especially the children who have no one to care for them in their educational needs. Most of them have deceased parents, the girls feeling hopeless and some finding themselves in sexual acts at young ages to pay for school or have a simple meal for the day. Some children not aware of their age, never been to school, and consumed by the mental, physical, emotional poverty that surrounds them.  The situation is deplorable. I am an American citizen who was born in Liberia. My trip to Liberia after 20 years has made me even more appreciative of an Education and Life in America. Turning a back on these children  is not a option. We can give money to feed them but that will not sustain them, the next day hunger will come. But if we feed their minds and hearts through these same monetary means and teach them self sustainability our children life will transform and the country condition will follow along into the transformation for a future that we can all be proud of. Teaching them the importance of mentorship and how to find a mentor and eventually become one. Replacing HELPLESS, HOPELESS, HOMELESS with HONOR, HAPPINESS, HUMILITY.


To give children, youths & families who are helpless, hopeless and homeless hope and empowerment through education and Mentorship. 

 What is mentoring?

Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

What does a mentor do?

The following are among the mentor’s functions:

●      Teaches the mentee about a specific issue

●      Coaches the mentee on a particular skill

●      Facilitates the mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks

●      Challenges the mentee to move beyond his or her comfort zone

●      Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks

●      Focuses on the mentee’s total development

Our goal is to produce E-Mentors, International Student Mentors,Local Student Peer  Mentors,  Empowerment Classes for the children of Liberia.

Right now we are mentoring 14 young adults, 10 from the Essay competition (10 High school finalist) and 4 young adults in college from the community in Monrovia.

 Our Four Areas of Focus

  • Education

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Mentorship

  • Homelessness


●       K-1 to 8th grade Students on Scholarship

●      9 to 12th grade High School Essay Competition

●      Local & International Mentorship Program

How it works

This Initiative is in Partnership with Change Agent Network Organization and it’s school’s where the children are/will be attending. The CEO/Proprietor is currently responsible for 170 student school fees who at this time also meets the needs and requirements of receiving the “EVE’s Grace Scholastic Sponsorship” . Each student’s school fees for a year is 70.00 per semester ,  140.00 USD per year. 70 students X $140.00 = $11,900. The Eve’s Grace Scholastic Initiative is currently funding 12 of those students. The goal is to gradually sponsor more children in their education. Where the money that is currently being used to support their education by Mr. Eric Wowoh would then be use for other important projects that Change Agent Network is undertaking to better serve the children in their education (example: completing the first science lab for the students, hiring qualified teacher, providing quality books, and computers for the students, construction of more schools etc). Each Sponsor would receive a picture of the student/s they are supporting through school, a background story of said student/s, monthly updates, report cards for each terms, and possible phone call from student/s with consent. School fees payments would be made through check money order, or online to Change Agent Network , specifying/noting  Eve’s Grace Scholastic Initiative in the memo section of the check ). A receipt will be giving for records purposes / tax deductions. Once the students reach an age or is able to  practice self-sufficiency through hard work, such individual will be placed in a work-study or work-sponsorship program to pay for their own education through labor for the school/community.

 Updates of the children in this program, will be made public on  our Facebook page at———— and send out to our donors and partners via email or regular mail.

Make your tax deductible contributions towards this worthy cause now. God bless you richly for your generosity!

Please make check payable to Change Agent Network and mail out to 10000 North Central Expressway. Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75231. Thanks for giving and God bless you!

The money that has been used to pay for the children school, with your help can now go towards other life changing projects for them such as hiring qualified teachers, completing the first ever science lab in the area , freeing educational containers from the port, more educational programs . This is an effective way to get Liberians in the State active in the lives of the youth in Liberia. For those who have been searching for a way to help and perhaps a reason to come home to Liberia here is the Opportunity, no excuses.


Meet The Children: