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We are very excited that you have chosen to make a difference in the life of another person whom you may never meet in this difficult world. In our opinion, discovering and pursuing your purpose in life is the path that leads to contentment! This is a very great and positive step that you have taken in the right direction! The following suggestions will help you in fulfilling your heart's desire to give hope to the next generation and leave this world better than you found it.

Eric Wowoh's God inspired vision to educate young Liberians comes to life with the help of many important characters along the way. This video includes just a few individuals that helped in making a difference. 

Suggestions of how to get involved...


You can start on a positive note by contributing and motivating your family members, co-workers, friends, local churches, organizations and businesses to get involved as well.

Do you know that a gift as little as $100.00 USD a month to sponsor a teacher in any of our schools can give an average Liberian family of seven real hope? Sponsoring a teacher for just $100.00 USD a month helps us educate about 45 students in a class. This simple gesture, helps the teacher provide for his or her family financially. This will create a ripple effect throughout the local and national economy. Please click here to learn more about this program and sign-up today.


Large donors can leave behind a lasting legacy by funding the construction of a school. You can contribute financially to build 1 of 3 foundational models of our communities:

  • School- K – 6 ($60,000)
  • School- K – 9 ($120,000)
  • School- K – 12 ($240,000)

You could also build an entire classroom in a school for just $10,000. This can be done by individuals, groups, or an organization. Please click here to learn more about this special opportunity to make a lasting difference.


You can help provide a rural family in Liberia with 2 machetes, 2 hoes, 1 ax and 1 bag of seeds to plant so that they will be able to feed themselves, their children and others in the local community. Complete package price: $160. Donations for single item purchases are also welcome! Get involved today and help feed a family and community by clicking here!


You can partner with us in our matching grant program dollar for dollar to build and install a water pump and filtration system for $25,000 USD. This will bring clean, safe, affordable and accessible water to approximately 15,000 people for a lifetime at one of our schools in Liberia. 


Your Unique Contributions: Change Agent Network also accepts special contributions from individual estates, stock portfolios, retirement accounts, trusts, businesses and more.


Giving away your presents: For those of us living in developed nations of the world we don’t really need more stuff in our lives! Here is a unique opportunity to have a different kind of holiday this year by donating your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, shower, Easter, Valentines, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts to Change Agent Network to positively impact the lives of more impoverished children in Africa.


You can help organize and host any of the following events in order to fundraise and bring hope to children around the world:

  1. Get sponsored to Run, walk, bike, swim, sail, dance, climb a mountain or organize a race
  2. Sell your arts and crafts, host an art gallery or design a t-shirt
  3. Host a concert, play on the street, write your own song or organize a talent show
  4. Host a dinner, a bake sale or a cook-off
  5. Organize a fancy ball, banquet, dinner, or movie party
  6. Partner your church with a need in Africa through CAN
  7. Organize a 1-2 week trip to Liberia through our Travel to Impact Program
  8. Educate your classmates and raise money together to bring hope to children in need around the world with our Change For Change Program
  9. Take up a special offering at church
  10. Fundraise with your youth group
  11. Ditch your uniform: If uniforms are required at your school, ask your administration if you can charge money to let students ditch their uniforms for the day

We really want to give you the necessary resources and tools you need to have a successful event. Please get in touch with us for materials such as logos, brochures, hand-outs, flyers to get you started. A lot of people will love to learn more about what you are doing and get involved with your special project. Spread the word about your event in the local newspapers, with your Facebook friends, your school principal and other social medias.

Media coverage is very important to publicizing your event or fundraising work and making it a success. Have a great time, and remember that you are bringing hope to children in desperate need. Please send us information about your event including photos, videos and stories so that we can share them with others to encourage them to take action as well.

If you would like to organize or host any of the above-mentioned fundraising events or simply get more information about donating or just want to say hi, please contact us at:

Change Agent Network, Inc.
10000 North Central Expressway
Suit 400, Dallas, Texas 75231
Tel: 1-214-890-4062; 1-337-781-4208


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