Praise God! The World Heath Organization today declared Liberia Ebola Free! This is amazing news for Liberia and friends of Liberia. God is faithful and many thanks to all of you for your tremendous support towards Liberia throughout the darkest days of the Ebola Epidemic.

On behalf of the children and people of Liberia, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for standing with us during our darkest days against Ebola. May the souls of all of those who die as a result of this deadly outbreak rest in perfect peace!

This is a very big, big victory for humanity! We love you and we pray that God will continue to protect you and your family as well as bless the good works of your hands as you help to serve and save the vulnerable in our world.


Eradicating Poverty Through Education in Liberia

This is our original school that is based in Rehab City View Community, Lower Johnsonville, Monrovia, Liberia. Our academic program in Liberia to transform the whole country started from right here at the Heart of Grace Elementary, Junior and senior High School. The school was founded in 2008 and it had 1500 students pre-Ebola crisis but currently has about 900 students after the Ebola outbreak.

Our students at this school just took their 1st Marking Period Test and concluded everything on Monday early this week April 13, 2015

 Many thanks to all of you for praying, helping and supporting us during one of our most terrifying times of the Ebola Epidemic in our country.

We are very glad and grateful to God that we are able to be back to school again after this deadly Ebola attack in the country. Please pray for us that God will help our remaining 600 students to come back to school as soon as possible.

 Please spread the word by tagging your friends, family members and others. Thanks and God bless you!11100873_837265389679618_509765305_n 11124147_837265123012978_2011182066_n DSCN8421 DSCN8435 DSCN8438 DSCN8468 DSCN8469 DSCN8471 DSCN8473 DSCN8474 DSCN8475 IMG_0019 IMG_0021 IMG_0079 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_9990




Praise God! Acadian Ambulance Service based in Lafayette Louisiana, has donated an ambulance to Change Agent Network for use in Liberia at the Heart of Grace High School Medical Clinic. This awesome donation was made through the initiative of my friend and brother Neal O. Hargrave and Mr. Eddie Dupuis of Acadian Ambulance Service. Gentlemen, we are very thrilled and humbled at the same time by your kind generosity. This is a big help for us in this organization and our country Liberia! We are looking forward to what the future holds for all of us in our new established relationship! On behalf of the struggling people of Liberia, we say thanks so very much for everything and God bless you richly!

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By the grace of God, we are very glad to announce to you that our school children ended their first marking period test yesterday since schools in Liberia reopened officially on March 2nd 2015.

This was the very first marking period test our children sat for since the deadly Ebola Epidemic was brought under control by the grace of GOD in Liberia.

The Alexandria A. Andrews Academy High School currently has about 800 students ranging from Nursery through 11th grade. The school is located in Gbarnga, Bong County in Central Liberia. The school

These are very exciting times for us and we are grateful to God and to all of you who stood by us to help us fight Ebola out of our world. Thanks so very much for your continual supports and prayers!

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9 Years of Authentic Impact Around the World!


By the special grace of God, we are very pleased to present to you 9 years of God's blessings, hard work and investments in the lives of impoverished people all around the world. Thank you for being a Change Agent in a difficult and self-absorbed world. Kindly share this powerful video with everyone you know, your friends, family members and others across the world so that they can be inspired to act. Thanks for your valuable sacrifices and investments. God bless you as you watch, touch, feel and see the real impact of your involvement and support!

CAN Family and Liberian Ambassador Giving Thanks

News clips highlighting the special visit of the Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America Jeremiah C. Sulunteh to Lafayette Louisiana February 19 through the 22 of 2015.

Ambassador. Sulunteh came to Lafayette Louisiana to join the Change Agent Network non-profit family in appreciating the efforts of the wonderful and generous people of Louisiana for their valuable supports especially during the time of the deadly Ebola Epidemic in Liberia. Ambassador Sulunteh also thanks the people of Louisiana for their educational and developmental support to Liberia over the last nine years.


“Eradicating Poverty Through Education!”

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Today, we want to give you updates on the on-going construction of the Change Agent Network University located along the highway between Fissibu and Zorzor Towns in Lofa County Northern Liberia, West Africa.

Our vision for CAN-U is to provide hope to an impoverished and forgotten generation of Liberians through accessible, affordable and quality higher education and opportunity to all. By the grace of God, this project is expected to be completed by 2017.

However, March of 2015, we will be officially opening the Education Technology or Computer Technology Department of CAN-U to the general public. Mr. Georgia Thomas and Mr. David Sumo are currently managing this project. These guys are some of the finest, honest and selfless leaders of our time in Liberia. They are truly NEW BREED OF LIBERIANS.

We are planning on constructing 17 structures on this 11 acres of land to have CAN-U completed and ready for launching by 2017. We are at the moment, almost done with 3 of the 17 structures to be built on this property. Thanks to all of you our partners, friends and supporters from around the world who bought these first 3 buildings and funded them. A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR JAMES’ GANG TEAM FOR HELPING TO BIRTH THIS AMAZING VISION.

Please stay tune for more information in the days, months and years ahead. Thanks for your time, take care and God bless! To learn more about CAN-UNIVERSITY, please visit:


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IMG_2534Wow! The night of celebration is just around the corner; celebrating the World Changers of Louisiana and beyond. Registration for our Annual Banquet scheduled for Feb 20, 2015 in Lafayette Louisiana is finally closed.

God Never Stops Surprising Us!
We exceeded our projected number of 350 people. We now have 450 individuals who are expected to be at this wonderful event with the Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, and the Mayor of Lafayette, Joey Durel.

As we have just celebrated Valentine Day to demonstrate our love to those we deeply care about, I hope and pray that we will all come together in the same fashion to demonstrate our true love to the less-fortunate children in our world who have no one to love them or help them achieve their educational and development goals.

We are very excited about everything God is doing through us, by us, and for us!

We believe that Friday night, we will all be present at this event by divine appointment. God has chosen, and put together both those He wishes to use to invest in change, and those He wishes to use as Change Agents in a hurting and self-centered world.

Thanks guys, we are excited and looking forward to this event. See you there on Friday at 6:00 -9:30 PM, Feb 20, 2015
God bless!



Thanks a lot to all of you for helping me to make it to the 67th Annual Washington DC Mardi Gras. Yesterday, Thursday January 22, 2015, we were at the Crown Jewel of Lafayette Hospitality Suite.

I was asked by the City Major of Lafayette Joey Durel to bring the Liberian Ambassador to the United States to meet and greet and join the celebration of the 67th Annual Washington Mardi Gras. It was a very wonderful event! Many thanks to my friends who took me shopping to buy me some nice suites for this occasion. I am grateful guys, God bless! I will keep you guys updated on the activities of the weekend especially on Saturday for the Mardi Gras Ball.

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Praise God! Re-opening Schools on February 2, 2015 in Liberia

10815855_857073987666625_1805966411_nTwo weeks ago, we the Liberian Government announced the reopening schools throughout the country on February 2, 2015. This is a very positive news for all of us because all of the schools in Liberia were shutdown as a result of the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country and beyond.

The Ebola new case rates in Liberia are dramatically showing down nationwide. We praise God and thank all of you sincerely for your prayers, time, services, resources and financial contribution in helping us fight this killer disease out of our world. This is a very encouraging news that I am personally excited about!

Our children have been sitting at home for too, too long. It is indeed time to return to school and for the teachers and everybody to return to the classrooms.

The reopening of our schools comes with a huge financial challenge for us in Liberia with such of short notice from the government. Most of the parents of these children in our schools and communities have not been working at all throughout the Ebola Epidemic. Therefore, they have not been making any money to be able to even pay for their children’s basic registration fees and provide for school supplies and uniforms for their own children. We also have to address the overwhelming needs of orphans in our various schools first from the Liberian Civil War and now from the Ebola Crisis.

Please keep us in your prayers that God will provide in helping us meet the needs of these struggling children.

The same young Liberian generation that survived the 14 years brutal civil war causing unbearable devastation of human lives and properties, no hope and opportunity, now has to deal with the repercussion of this deadly Ebola Epidemic.

Thanks a lot for your time and God bless!

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The One Computer and Building That Made All The Difference!

As we have once again started another journey or chapter of our lives in 2015, I just want all of you my friends and family members as well as supporters of my work to remember, appreciate and be grateful for your humbled beginnings! It doesn’t really matter how little, shameful or difficult it was for you. Your history is very important to the success of your future.  

Today, I want to share some of the pictures of the early beginnings of my life and the work that I do around the world with you. It all started in 2002 in a refugee camp, with no bank account, not knowing anybody, not having the necessary education or connection to fulfill the vision.


The only thing that God gave me to start this worthy cause was this one single desktop computer and this little beautiful building made of clay bricks in the refugee camp using our bare hands to build it. The world needs what you have. What do you have to offer to make a difference in your hurting world?

I used what I had to get us to this point by His grace! Be encouraged and start now with whatever He has given you. It is not the size or the amount of what we have that makes the difference but what we do with it!

842 (56)    DSC00091 DSC00092 DSC00093 DSC00094 DSC00095 DSC00099 DSC00100 DSC00101 DSC00164DSC00187 DSC00363 DSC00366 DSC00378 school pics-10 school pics-11

CAN Sent Ebola Medical Supplies To Sierra Leone

Wonderful! Friday January 2, 2015 CHANGE AGENT NETWORK DC, Maryland and Virginia Office COLLABORATED WITH BROTHER’S BROTHER FOUNDATION & HOPE FOR LIVES IN SIERRA LEONE to RESPOND TO EBOLA OUTBREAK IN WEST AFRICA. Praise God and thanks all of you for helping to make this possible for the struggling people of Sierra Leone during this time of the deadly Ebola Epidemic in West Africa. These are very humbling pictures once again to remind us of God's faithfulness! This is Change Agent Network's latest Ebola Medical Shipment from the East Coast of the USA which is namely the DC, Virginia and Maryland States areas going directly to Sierra Leone to help our West African Brothers and Sisters. Very encouraging to see that we are not alone in this fight! God bless!10818308_10152536430931674_4457454747964836747_o 10869864_10152536430971674_3453791631412428698_o








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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! This is a special update for all of you our fans, friends, family members, supporters and partners in progress all over the world. Your valuable partnership and support in 2014 of Change Agent Network was very fantastic and rewarding. In spite of the deadly Ebola Outbreak in Liberia, our various school campuses across the country are doing well. The local people that provided the labor to build these schools are taking good care of their school excellently well. Today, we want to bring you update on the Alexandria A. Andrews Academy High School in Gbarnga, Bong County in Central Liberia. This school is locally known as the Triple A. Academy located on the Lofa Road in Gbarnga, Bong County Liberia. During this difficult time of the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa, every school in Liberia is shut down indefinitely. However, our teachers, administrators and community members have been working very hard to keep their school  campus clean and beautiful . Everything on this school campus is still intact and looking very good. We lost one of our teachers to the Ebola crisis but we don't know exactly at this present time how many of our precious children were infected or lost their lives to Ebola. We will not be able to know anything about them until we reopen school sometimes in 2015 according to the government of Liberia.

Thanks for your continual prayers and support of a worthy cause aimed at positively transforming the lives of the next generation of Liberians with love, peace, hope and opportunity of a better life.  We couldn't have done it alone without you!'t  May God bless us all for doing the right thing for His people and children. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SCHOOL, PLEASE VISIT:

Once again, from all of us here at Change Agent Network and the struggling people of Liberia, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.

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C.A.N. Fundraising event in Washington D.C.

We would like to say thank you to our friends and supporters and other collaborating organizations who attended our event yesterday 12/13/14. The Change Agent Network's Family especially our DC, Virginia and Maryland office locations, would like to give a special thank you to Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh and his lovely family for hosting this event at their residence in Washington D.C. The purpose of this fundraising event was to raise support: (1) To help impoverished children in Liberia to return to school after Ebola. (2) To ship Change Agent Network’s 40 foot container of Ebola medical response shipment to Sierra Leone. This was a great event, Thank you and may God continue to bless you all. Please stay tune for more updates. 1939613_1015446871803818_4469424573617430901_o

















IMG_0416A great week in Waco Texas spreading the word, creating awareness and fundraising for more medical supplies for the fight against the spread of Ebola through “Operation Stop Ebola!” Definitely! We all need to unclog our pipes to let life and hope flow through us to others who are hopeless and are dying in our difficult world! After eating, drinking, wearing and enjoying everything we’ve been given, there comes a time when we must go to the restroom or toilet to unclog the pipe so that it can flow through us before we kill ourselves!

Many thanks guys at Acts, Ramah, Refuge and all of our friends, partners and supporters in Waco Texas for once again allowing yourselves to be used as channels of hope and life to struggling who are people living on the margins of life.

It was indeed a rewarding time for me and God bless the good works of your hands!

Fighting Ebola

For the past few days, the first Ebola case reported in America in the Dallas Metro area, has taken over the entire airwaves. It has become the major topic on social media, radio and television throughout the US and it is gradually leading to a national panic. Few months ago, we started our “Operation Stop Ebola in West Africa Campaign” The reason for us getting involved from the very beginning with the fight against this deadly virus in medical history is that, it is very personal and moreover, I realized that it would be very cheap, easy and better to battle this DEADLY EBOLA VIRUS in West Africa than trying to fight it here in the US or around the rest of the world.

The Ebola Virus has gotten the whole of America going through panic right now although we have just one patient who has been in the country for just about two weeks. Well, let’s think about the whole of West Africa being shut down for months due to this deadly epidemic. The fight against Ebola is all of us responsibility!

Visit our website to get involved now at:

Call me at: 337-781-4208 or Email:

Ebola and Povety

I have been seriously struggling to understand the reason why we as humans are unable to be good stewards of the earth and get our priorities strict. We tend to be disconnected from addressing the most pressing issues that destroy humanity.

I will rather spend a $1.00 today to urgently save the life of a severely sick person and take care of that situation now than to sit and wait for that sick person to die, and then put up a $100.00 to give them a befitting burial.

The disconnect between our minds and our hearts have made it impossible for us to live in a peaceful, loving, caring and prosperous world where there is HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for all.

This Ebola Virus Outbreak started in a very remote/rural village in West Africa where the people have no education, no running water, no electricity no hospital and no opportunity to fight this deadly epidemic by themselves. Meanwhile, those of us who live in the urban areas of the country with everything including living in nice houses, driving nice cars and looking and smelling good, said to ourselves, well, the most important thing right now is that I and my family are saved and that disease is not coming over here to us in the city at all.

We are very sorry for those poor, illiterate and stubborn people living in those villages. May God help them survive this attack on their deplorable villages or communities! We will be praying for them to survive this war. We can’t do anything about it right now because its gong to cause too much money and moreover, it is happening in a far-away place from our home. It is only happening in Dallas Texas and not here in my city or state, or it is only happening in West Africa so we don’t have to do anything! Out of sudden, the virus then finds its way into our mainstream society such as our cities and towns.

Although, we live in big houses with high fences, security and modern technology to protect ourselves and our families, we are now surprisingly frightened because it has become a serious issue that is threatening our livelihood directly, it is affecting our comfort, our life styles, it is taking away our money and we can’t live the way we really want to live anymore. Therefore, we begin to blame other people for our own mistakes, for not acting fast enough from the beginning and so on and in the process create panic and confusion for everyone.

SELFISHNESS AND GREED empowered EBOLA to start very small attack in rural Liberia on just two individuals, and then travelled to the capital city of Monrovia and now gradually spreading around the globe.

I have never heard of Chinese, Indians, Americans or foreign business people dying like crazy from Ebola in West Africa. Neither, have I heard of massive death of our so-called accomplished leaders who live with their families in affluent communities in West Africa. Majority of the victims of the Ebola Epidemic, are the poorest of the poor who live in rural villages and the slums of our major cities in West Africa.

SELFISHNESS, GREED AND CORRUPTION KILLS EVERYBODY! Ebola and HIV only kills the individual that has the virus.

Together with selflessness, concern and love for one another we can stop Ebola. Get Involved Now By Clicking This Link:  Email: Tel: 337-781-4208

Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh

Meeting With Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh and Family in DC To bring about real transformation and change in the lives of the next generation of Liberians, we must all come together and collaborate our efforts aimed at sacrificially giving back. We must create the future of our children and make it even better than our yesterday and today.

Yesterday afternoon October 26, 2014 we had a three hour partnership meeting with the Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh and his family at their residence in Washington DC. It was a very productive meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to create more CHANGE AGENTS even in government offices and political sector of our world.

We must become proactive and fully engaged in solving own problems. We must stop the blame and victim-mentality game.

It is time for us Africans to step up to the place, put our hands out and lead the rest of the world in solving our own life long problems. We are the only people that can create the kind of country or continent we want to proudly call home. The outside world can only help in the process. We are the master architect of our own destiny!

Stop Ebola Second Trip

By the special favor and provision of God, we have been able to once again put together our second 18 wheeler or 40th foot container with necessary medical and food supplies to be shipped to Liberia first week in November 2014. This second consignment has about 22,000 pounds of rice value at about $10,000 US Dollars total. We purchased 20,000 pounds of the rice from Farmers Rice Milling Company based in Lake Charles Louisiana.

The container also has over $35,000 US Dollars’ worth of assorted medical supplies to help in the time of desperate need in Liberia as a result of the deadly Ebola epidemic. However, right now we are still in need of about $4,000 US Dollars to pay for the container shipment to West Africa.

If Ebola were in your neighborhood it would be a state of emergency. If Ebola were at the end of your street and moving from house to house down your street you would take immediate action; whatever measures necessary to stop it. In Liberia it is in all of their neighborhoods but they do not have the means nor the ability to stop it. They are looking through hopeless eyes of urgency to America, to Christians, to anyone, with a fainting cry of, “HELP US!”

The World Health Organization reported that new cases could reach 10,000 a week by December — 10 times the current rate… “We are fighting for people who are alive and healthy today, but will become infected by Ebola and die if we do not put in place the necessary emergency response,” Ebola victims are currently dying at a rate of between 35-40 per day. At the projected rate of expansion by December they will be dying at a rate of 350-400 per day.

I am fighting for people whom I am deeply connected with and this makes it very personal to me. People to whom God has knit my heart! People whose hearts feel the same things that your heart would feel in their situation. As I write this email tears stream down my face.

Please click on this link now to donate at:

Pictures of some of the materials going in our second container to Liberia