100s of Liberian Families Received Food Ration from CAN

10351467_801202223253802_7321946294047568434_n 10603582_801203356587022_1341668317378117017_n (1)Our organization Change Agent Network {CAN}, yesterday, by the special provision of God through your financial generosity, prayers and concern, we were able to purchased and distributed 100 bags of rice to 100 starving Liberian households within our Heart of Grace High school community area in Rehab, City View Lower Johnsonville area in Liberia.

Ebola Virus Outbreak continues to create regional panic, kill more people and keeping the entire country of Liberia shut down. As this horrible virus spreads, lots of communities in the country have been quarantine thereby leading to severe hunger and shortage of food supplies as well as high prizes of everything.

Thanks a lot for helping us provide much needed food to feed people who can’t leave their homes to earn a living by themselves to cater to the basic survival needs of their families.

This same food distribution is on-going right now at each of our four active community development centers across the country of Liberia.

 On behalf of the struggling people of Liberia, we say a big thank you for making a real difference in a difficult world today! You may not have changed the life of everyone in West Africa, but for these people, you have made all the difference in their lives from your little act of kindness. May God continues to provide for you as you provide for the poor and helpless.

Please let’s keep praying for world peace as we all take practical actions aimed at addressing the plights of the weak and helpless in our midst.


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