Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh

Meeting With Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh and Family in DC To bring about real transformation and change in the lives of the next generation of Liberians, we must all come together and collaborate our efforts aimed at sacrificially giving back. We must create the future of our children and make it even better than our yesterday and today.

Yesterday afternoon October 26, 2014 we had a three hour partnership meeting with the Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh and his family at their residence in Washington DC. It was a very productive meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to create more CHANGE AGENTS even in government offices and political sector of our world.

We must become proactive and fully engaged in solving own problems. We must stop the blame and victim-mentality game.

It is time for us Africans to step up to the place, put our hands out and lead the rest of the world in solving our own life long problems. We are the only people that can create the kind of country or continent we want to proudly call home. The outside world can only help in the process. We are the master architect of our own destiny!