News: Our History

The One Computer and Building That Made All The Difference!

As we have once again started another journey or chapter of our lives in 2015, I just want all of you my friends and family members as well as supporters of my work to remember, appreciate and be grateful for your humbled beginnings! It doesn’t really matter how little, shameful or difficult it was for you. Your history is very important to the success of your future.  

Today, I want to share some of the pictures of the early beginnings of my life and the work that I do around the world with you. It all started in 2002 in a refugee camp, with no bank account, not knowing anybody, not having the necessary education or connection to fulfill the vision.


The only thing that God gave me to start this worthy cause was this one single desktop computer and this little beautiful building made of clay bricks in the refugee camp using our bare hands to build it. The world needs what you have. What do you have to offer to make a difference in your hurting world?

I used what I had to get us to this point by His grace! Be encouraged and start now with whatever He has given you. It is not the size or the amount of what we have that makes the difference but what we do with it!

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