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9 Years of Authentic Impact Around the World!


By the special grace of God, we are very pleased to present to you 9 years of God's blessings, hard work and investments in the lives of impoverished people all around the world. Thank you for being a Change Agent in a difficult and self-absorbed world. Kindly share this powerful video with everyone you know, your friends, family members and others across the world so that they can be inspired to act. Thanks for your valuable sacrifices and investments. God bless you as you watch, touch, feel and see the real impact of your involvement and support!

Praise God! Re-opening Schools on February 2, 2015 in Liberia

10815855_857073987666625_1805966411_nTwo weeks ago, we the Liberian Government announced the reopening schools throughout the country on February 2, 2015. This is a very positive news for all of us because all of the schools in Liberia were shutdown as a result of the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country and beyond.

The Ebola new case rates in Liberia are dramatically showing down nationwide. We praise God and thank all of you sincerely for your prayers, time, services, resources and financial contribution in helping us fight this killer disease out of our world. This is a very encouraging news that I am personally excited about!

Our children have been sitting at home for too, too long. It is indeed time to return to school and for the teachers and everybody to return to the classrooms.

The reopening of our schools comes with a huge financial challenge for us in Liberia with such of short notice from the government. Most of the parents of these children in our schools and communities have not been working at all throughout the Ebola Epidemic. Therefore, they have not been making any money to be able to even pay for their children’s basic registration fees and provide for school supplies and uniforms for their own children. We also have to address the overwhelming needs of orphans in our various schools first from the Liberian Civil War and now from the Ebola Crisis.

Please keep us in your prayers that God will provide in helping us meet the needs of these struggling children.

The same young Liberian generation that survived the 14 years brutal civil war causing unbearable devastation of human lives and properties, no hope and opportunity, now has to deal with the repercussion of this deadly Ebola Epidemic.

Thanks a lot for your time and God bless!

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CAN Sent Ebola Medical Supplies To Sierra Leone

Wonderful! Friday January 2, 2015 CHANGE AGENT NETWORK DC, Maryland and Virginia Office COLLABORATED WITH BROTHER’S BROTHER FOUNDATION & HOPE FOR LIVES IN SIERRA LEONE to RESPOND TO EBOLA OUTBREAK IN WEST AFRICA. Praise God and thanks all of you for helping to make this possible for the struggling people of Sierra Leone during this time of the deadly Ebola Epidemic in West Africa. These are very humbling pictures once again to remind us of God's faithfulness! This is Change Agent Network's latest Ebola Medical Shipment from the East Coast of the USA which is namely the DC, Virginia and Maryland States areas going directly to Sierra Leone to help our West African Brothers and Sisters. Very encouraging to see that we are not alone in this fight! God bless!10818308_10152536430931674_4457454747964836747_o 10869864_10152536430971674_3453791631412428698_o








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