“Eradicating Poverty Through Education!”

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Today, we want to give you updates on the on-going construction of the Change Agent Network University located along the highway between Fissibu and Zorzor Towns in Lofa County Northern Liberia, West Africa.

Our vision for CAN-U is to provide hope to an impoverished and forgotten generation of Liberians through accessible, affordable and quality higher education and opportunity to all. By the grace of God, this project is expected to be completed by 2017.

However, March of 2015, we will be officially opening the Education Technology or Computer Technology Department of CAN-U to the general public. Mr. Georgia Thomas and Mr. David Sumo are currently managing this project. These guys are some of the finest, honest and selfless leaders of our time in Liberia. They are truly NEW BREED OF LIBERIANS.

We are planning on constructing 17 structures on this 11 acres of land to have CAN-U completed and ready for launching by 2017. We are at the moment, almost done with 3 of the 17 structures to be built on this property. Thanks to all of you our partners, friends and supporters from around the world who bought these first 3 buildings and funded them. A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR JAMES’ GANG TEAM FOR HELPING TO BIRTH THIS AMAZING VISION.

Please stay tune for more information in the days, months and years ahead. Thanks for your time, take care and God bless! To learn more about CAN-UNIVERSITY, please visit:


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