Ebola and Povety

I have been seriously struggling to understand the reason why we as humans are unable to be good stewards of the earth and get our priorities strict. We tend to be disconnected from addressing the most pressing issues that destroy humanity.

I will rather spend a $1.00 today to urgently save the life of a severely sick person and take care of that situation now than to sit and wait for that sick person to die, and then put up a $100.00 to give them a befitting burial.

The disconnect between our minds and our hearts have made it impossible for us to live in a peaceful, loving, caring and prosperous world where there is HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for all.

This Ebola Virus Outbreak started in a very remote/rural village in West Africa where the people have no education, no running water, no electricity no hospital and no opportunity to fight this deadly epidemic by themselves. Meanwhile, those of us who live in the urban areas of the country with everything including living in nice houses, driving nice cars and looking and smelling good, said to ourselves, well, the most important thing right now is that I and my family are saved and that disease is not coming over here to us in the city at all.

We are very sorry for those poor, illiterate and stubborn people living in those villages. May God help them survive this attack on their deplorable villages or communities! We will be praying for them to survive this war. We can’t do anything about it right now because its gong to cause too much money and moreover, it is happening in a far-away place from our home. It is only happening in Dallas Texas and not here in my city or state, or it is only happening in West Africa so we don’t have to do anything! Out of sudden, the virus then finds its way into our mainstream society such as our cities and towns.

Although, we live in big houses with high fences, security and modern technology to protect ourselves and our families, we are now surprisingly frightened because it has become a serious issue that is threatening our livelihood directly, it is affecting our comfort, our life styles, it is taking away our money and we can’t live the way we really want to live anymore. Therefore, we begin to blame other people for our own mistakes, for not acting fast enough from the beginning and so on and in the process create panic and confusion for everyone.

SELFISHNESS AND GREED empowered EBOLA to start very small attack in rural Liberia on just two individuals, and then travelled to the capital city of Monrovia and now gradually spreading around the globe.

I have never heard of Chinese, Indians, Americans or foreign business people dying like crazy from Ebola in West Africa. Neither, have I heard of massive death of our so-called accomplished leaders who live with their families in affluent communities in West Africa. Majority of the victims of the Ebola Epidemic, are the poorest of the poor who live in rural villages and the slums of our major cities in West Africa.

SELFISHNESS, GREED AND CORRUPTION KILLS EVERYBODY! Ebola and HIV only kills the individual that has the virus.

Together with selflessness, concern and love for one another we can stop Ebola. Get Involved Now By Clicking This Link: http://canintl.org/help-fight-ebola-out-of-west-africa/  Email: ericwowoh@canintl.org Tel: 337-781-4208