Ebola Kills Another leader of Our Team in Liberia

The Late. Mr. Samuel Bargue

Tragically, the Ebola virus has claimed the life of yet another member of our local leadership team in Liberia. This sad event occurred about two weeks ago but we just learned of his death 2 days ago. Mr. Samuel Bargue lost his battle against this deadly disease after he went to care for another family member of his who had contracted the Ebola virus. 

Eventually this family member died and upon returning to his home, Mr. Samuel unknowingly exposed many of his family members to the virus.  As a result, some of his family members were exposed and also died.  A nephew and local nurse who volunteer to care for him were also exposed and lost their lives to the Ebola virus.  Unfortunately, the entire community where Mr. Samuel lived has been quarantined including his entire family, grandchildren and step children who attend the Heart of Grace School. 

Due to the nature of this virus and how it spreads, we do not know how many individuals came in contact with Mr. Samuel once he was infected.  Thankfully, these incidents occurred within a 10 -15 miles radius of Heart of Grace School.  We have not received any reports of outbreaks near any of our school yet! 

Mr. Samuel participated in our 12th grade graduation ceremony held in July 2014 as did many of our local and international partners, team members and leaders. Mr. Samuel leaves to mourn stepchildren and grandchildren who have now become the responsibility of C.A.N. to care for financially. 

We are pleading for our partners and prayer warriors to join up as we lift up the needs of this community and our students to God in fervent prayer! We need God to bring this crisis to and end so that more lives aren’t lost.   There is little or no food or resources available as the Ebola outbreak has caused the country to come to a standstill.  

As you may know, Heart of Grace High School, is our mother school with over 1,500 students enrolled.  We have over 75 staffs including teachers, administrators and support team members.  All of the schools and businesses in the country, including our schools have been shut down due to the spread of the Ebola virus!

Here is Mr. Samuel Bargue was 74 years of age. He was the Chairman of the Parents-Teachers’ Association {PTA} of our Heart of Grace High School in Lower Johnsonville Monrovia, Liberia.

We are facing a continuous challenge to pray for and provide food and medical supplies to care for the people affected by this outbreak.  Many of you have donated your time, medical and cleaning supplies, and finances to help us meet the needs of those who can’t help themselves right now.  We sincerely thank you for your sacrifices and generosity, but we can’t stop now. We must continue to send supplies and money to purchase food in the stricken areas.  Our next shipment will be sent with your support at the end of this month October 2014.  Please visit our website at: http://canintl.org/help-fight-ebola-out-of-west-africa/  for more information and instructions on how you can help.

As you may remember, another one of our teachers {Evelyn Bayen} lost her battle against Ebola last month.  She, like Mr. Samuel, also left behind minor children.  As responsible members of these communities in Liberia, we are also providing resources to care for their children and others who have been quarantine with little or no food to eat.

 Finally, we want to thank you, again for all that you are doing to help us with our mission to help the people in Liberia and her neighbors that going through un-imaginable pain as a result of.  May God continue to bless you as we save lives. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to help in bringing an end to this ugly epidemic because Ebola is not respecter of man!