Fighting Ebola

For the past few days, the first Ebola case reported in America in the Dallas Metro area, has taken over the entire airwaves. It has become the major topic on social media, radio and television throughout the US and it is gradually leading to a national panic. Few months ago, we started our “Operation Stop Ebola in West Africa Campaign” The reason for us getting involved from the very beginning with the fight against this deadly virus in medical history is that, it is very personal and moreover, I realized that it would be very cheap, easy and better to battle this DEADLY EBOLA VIRUS in West Africa than trying to fight it here in the US or around the rest of the world.

The Ebola Virus has gotten the whole of America going through panic right now although we have just one patient who has been in the country for just about two weeks. Well, let’s think about the whole of West Africa being shut down for months due to this deadly epidemic. The fight against Ebola is all of us responsibility!

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