General Updates on Various Projects

Eric Wowoh, Executive Director: Change Agent Network, Inc.

Hello, Everyone!

Thank God Almighty! And thank you for your continued love and valuable support of the work we are all doing for the less privileged around the world. Every part of what you contribute--be it in effort, financial contribution, conversations to spread the word, or intention--makes a big difference in the lives of struggling children, women and their families.

Quick update on some of what has been going on in our organization lately:

* The 80,000 pound shipment is on the sea right now and is expected to be in Monrovia within two months time from today. More than the tangible items it carries, it brings hope and a possibility for the people of Liberia to have a hand-up in the building of their lives.

* This past weekend, Frank Clarke, Heather Lecky, Lauren Dupre all team members of Change Agent Network and I traveled to Maryland and Washington, DC. In Maryland we initiated a new chapter of Change Agent Network (CAN). Annie Wright and Miss Comfort, both recent graduates of the School of Social Work at Howard University, are most passionate and energetic women who stand at the helm of that organization.

These are some pictures from the program[slideshow id=28]

They hosted an extraordinary launch luncheon with 50-60 significant people from various states in Africa in attendance. They, and the participants, do not need to be inspired, for they have witnessed and lived through the real life experiences that we seek to help heal a broken life. They are beautiful, inspiring, joy-filled, gracious people. It was an honor for us to be with them and to welcome them into the expansion of the organization! You can find more information about our new members and partners on the East Coast at:

* While in DC we had a meeting at The State Dept. with the Desk Officer in the Office of West African Affairs. She is the point person between the Embassies here and in Liberia. She is the one who makes things happen. We also met with a representative from the Office of Economic Policy. Both women were inspired by the work that we have done and are continuing to do. They provided resources, contacts, and offers to continue to collaborate with us.

* We also met with officers of Empowerment & Civic Engagement and Enterprise & Agriculture at Winrock International. We will be purchasing the oil palm extractor from them when we are in Liberia. They, too, shared resources with us and a willingness to look to us for partnership in the projects that they determine will be funded in the future.

Once again, thanks a lot for your support and continual sacrifices in assisting others who are less fortunate than us, living in under resourced countries and communities around the world. God bless!

Pictures Of The New Agape Library Constructed in 2012: This is the only free well furnish public library for both the students at the Heart of Grace Elementary, Junior and Senior High School and local community members at the New Breed Center in City View, Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County Liberia.[nggallery id=11]

Heart Of Grace High School was built in 2012 in City View Lower Johnsonville, Mont. County Liberia: The major milestones of our 2011 trip to Liberia, was the completion of the tuition free Heart of Grace Elementary, Junior and Senior High School project which currently has over 1,500 students and 56 teachers and administrators[nggallery id=10] [nggallery id=9]

Our Commitment At Change Agent Network

Education, rebuilding schools, life skills initiatives, generational rebranding and developmental opportunities for the less privileged individuals of Africa, with focus on post war Liberia at the moment. Our programs encompass youth and adult education and spiritual development at all levels. Please feel free to step in and take a tour of the world of Change Agent Network, a place where we are changing minds, hearts and lives!

This is short video highlights the progress made in the lives of struggling Liberians in 2011 by giving them hope and a sustainable future.


The new phase of projects for Change Agent Network in the Lower Johnsonville Community area Montserrado County Liberia for 2012/2013, will include the construction of a cafeteria for the children at the Heart of Grace Elementary, Junior and Senior High School, two more classrooms, a medical clinic and a guest house for visiting missionaries and volunteers from the United States and other places in the world. We are now trying to raise $1,000 for the materials. The local people themselves in Liberia will do the work. We are praying that the generous people of the United States, will supply medical equipment and supplies for the new clinic. When completed, these projects will benefit 1,500 children and 53 staffs and administrators of the Heart of Grace High School including the entire local community that has a population of about 17,000 people.

Our 2012 Educational and Humanitarian Shipment Has Departed for Liberia, West Africa.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the loading process of our 2012 educational, humanitarian and developmental container for Liberia, especially members of the Sheriff's Department including some inmates who came out in great number to help out. We are very grateful to all of you for your sacrificial services to the people of Liberia and God bless! Enjoy the pictures! [nggallery id=27] For more information about this program,