My 2011 Trip To Liberia As An Optometric Physician

Dr. Patrick MageeI enjoyed my trip to Liberia this past November 2011, with the Change Agent Network’s Travel To Impact Team. I feel that I took away more than I gave. I so very much enjoyed working with and getting to know my eye team. They are a very enthusiastic group and were a lot of fun. I only hope they enjoyed my being there as well, and hopefully they learned a few things along the way. I am very proud of my eye team, and I hope that they realize what a positive difference they have made in the lives of the people of Liberia. People who could not see before and now they can see to read to go about their daily activities, to be able to correspond via the Internet, to use a computer and even simple tasks such as being able to see the plate of food. We also helped patients who had eye infections and they played a significant part in that and I’m very proud of my entire eye team.