Stop Ebola Second Trip

By the special favor and provision of God, we have been able to once again put together our second 18 wheeler or 40th foot container with necessary medical and food supplies to be shipped to Liberia first week in November 2014. This second consignment has about 22,000 pounds of rice value at about $10,000 US Dollars total. We purchased 20,000 pounds of the rice from Farmers Rice Milling Company based in Lake Charles Louisiana.

The container also has over $35,000 US Dollars’ worth of assorted medical supplies to help in the time of desperate need in Liberia as a result of the deadly Ebola epidemic. However, right now we are still in need of about $4,000 US Dollars to pay for the container shipment to West Africa.

If Ebola were in your neighborhood it would be a state of emergency. If Ebola were at the end of your street and moving from house to house down your street you would take immediate action; whatever measures necessary to stop it. In Liberia it is in all of their neighborhoods but they do not have the means nor the ability to stop it. They are looking through hopeless eyes of urgency to America, to Christians, to anyone, with a fainting cry of, “HELP US!”

The World Health Organization reported that new cases could reach 10,000 a week by December — 10 times the current rate… “We are fighting for people who are alive and healthy today, but will become infected by Ebola and die if we do not put in place the necessary emergency response,” Ebola victims are currently dying at a rate of between 35-40 per day. At the projected rate of expansion by December they will be dying at a rate of 350-400 per day.

I am fighting for people whom I am deeply connected with and this makes it very personal to me. People to whom God has knit my heart! People whose hearts feel the same things that your heart would feel in their situation. As I write this email tears stream down my face.

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Pictures of some of the materials going in our second container to Liberia