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American School Children Changing Lives In Liberia, Africa.


Very special thanks to all of the wonderful school children in Houston, Texas County Missouri for getting involved with our Change For Change Program. This short news clip will show you how easy it is to change the world and impact the generation positively.

I am once again humble and encouraged to keep the flag of service to others  flying. And keep on doing what I do for humanity and for God! To learn more about how you can help this program or how your school can get involved, please click this link: 


The cafeteria and medical clinic projects for the children at the Heart of Grace School in Johnsonville Liberia, is close to completion. Many thanks and appreciation to the students of the few schools in the great states of both Louisiana and Missouri for helping to bring hope to their fellow students in Liberia. We are also very grateful to you all who have assisted in some form or the other in making this a dream come true! Pray for the completion of this worthy piece of project for the children of Liberia. 

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 If your school, group or church is interested in getting involved with this worthy cause, or you simply have a question,  need more information on our Change For Change Program in the South of the United States, please contact us at: E-mail: Eric Wowoh Tel: 337-781-4208 Heather Lecky Tel: 337-739-7770  and Cheri Minckler Tel: 337-255-7000 


On the East Coast area, you can get involved with this worthy cause at our Maryland's State office located at  6916 Woodstream Turn, Lanham MD 20706 Tel: 240- 705-2485 E-mail:  Ms. Annie Wright Program Director


If you live in the Midwest of the United States and would love to get involved with this life changing program, please contact our Change For Change Program Coordinator: Ms. Amanda Bartlett at phone #: 1-417-967-6816  E-mail: Mr. Brandon Sigman is the program assistant: Phone #: 417-260-2790 E-mail:

   For the Midwestern States, you can find our office in the State of Missouri at:

Change Agent Network, Inc.

761 Grandview Drive,

Hillsboro, Missouri 63050 USA

Tel: 314-807-9741


Heath Vogel – President, MO Chapter