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Thanks For Investing Into the Lives of the Liberian Children!

Thanks for investing into the lives of the Liberian Children!

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Volunteers Make An Impact

The best way to predict the future of our children, is to simply get involved with the process in creating it ourselves! Thanks for believing and investing into the lives of the Liberian Children.

After a town meeting in my birth town of Fissibu I was introduced with the Hope 2 Liberia team. This is where the water training began. It was a joy to see town leaders embrace the training and desire to share this new safe drinking water with others. Before leaving, Hope 2 Liberia President Sam Wrisley promised 52 more water systems, which equaled the number of villages that made up the Fissibu area.  The reaction of the leaders was one of joy and true hope. Ironically, upon their return to Monrovia where they had cell service again, Hope 2 Liberia Board Member Dave Rawls called from the USA to let them know that a church in southern Indiana had just committed to buying 50 water systems. Praise the Lord, God truly provides! Thank you for your dedication, time and all that you do.

Thank you to the Water of Life organization. You are helping my fellow Liberians to develop safe and sustainable water sources for our communities. Water For Life's mission in helping communities in need develop safe and sustainable water sources is a beautiful mission. They are combining formal instruction with hands-on training teaching people how to construct and maintain their own local water resources. Their focus is not simply to provide safe drinking to those in need but to help people gain the knowledge and experience they need to help themselves and their communities. Thank you for your willingness to teach us and show us a better way. Your kindness and diligent patience with us we are so grateful.

Many thanks to our partner The Last Well organization based in Texas for helping to provide clean, safe and affordable drinking water to thousands of Liberians nationwide. We say thanks for visiting and investing in Liberia in 2013! We are excited already and can’t wait to partner with you in fulfilling your mission to provide safe and affordable drinking water to the entire nation of Liberia by the end of this decade. Thereby practically demonstrating the love of Christ to the poor!

We say a big thank you to our Double, Double Team from Texas US for visiting Liberia and contributing positively in changing the lives of the struggling Liberian people. We truly appreciate your time and resources invested in this country. God bless you richly! We are very excited and looking forward to what God has in store for 2014 at Change Agent Network for Liberia and the world. We are thankful for everything!

To all of our dynamic Louisiana based Travel to Impact Liberia Team members which include my home church members Trinity Bible Church, we say thank you so much for believing and investing in the vision to totally transform the next generation of Liberians. We are all one big family now! Your visit to Liberia in 2013, took us to a new height in our endeavors. God bless you richly! We are very excited and looking forward to 2014 at Change Agent Network for Liberia and the world. We are very thrilled about everything!

We have so many agents of change from a variety of age groups. Most of our Change For Change Fundraisers are led by American Students around the nation who have been proactive in collecting change and donating. We have so many wonderful friends at West Minster Christian Academy in Lafayette LA. I remember when I was catching up with them with updates on their projects in Liberia. I was recollecting how these wonderful students are some of our most reliable generous partners who have committed themselves to helping transform the educational future of the children of Liberia. We are very proud of them! These are some of the most amazing children in my life! They make me feel like a rock star whenever I visit their school campus. When I have a real bad day, all I have to do, is to simply pay them a visit and they would help change the whole story for the better.

We hope that you will consider to be an agent of change and volunteer. Let your imagination go wild and tell us what is something the Lord is laying on your heart? We would love to see you and/or your team come. We have so many projects that you can help contribute to as well as numerous opportunities to change the life of one child or individual at a time, one step at a time as we all together help to reshape the future of the next generation positively.

God bless you all richly!