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Heart of Grace High School is a tuition free institution which was built in 2008 to help provide educational opportunities to poor and needy students in post-war Liberia where the educational system was totally destroyed as the result of the 14 years of civil conflict.

This great educational opportunity was made possible for the children of Liberia through the grace of God and the generous contributions of many individuals and organizations in the US. See how happy and grateful these kids are, you just can’t imagine their in-depth feelings as they expressed how they feel indebted to you for this  unimaginable opportunity that have  been given to them. Little Jeantee Gondy expressed her feeling this way, “This is the best school I have ever seen in my entire life and I am very happy to be a part of this school”. Little Emmanuel Slontee Browne in the 9th grade class said “I am very grateful and wish to say thank you very much for this great help, even though you do not know us you make us feel like we are a real part of you God bless!”

On behalf of the Heart of Grace High School and Change Agent Network-Liberia, we want to thank you all who help to make this a real dream come true. Many thanks to you our partners, supporters, contributors, donors and friends of this worthy cause which is truly transforming lives in Liberia.

We Urgently Need Your Help to Complete the Construction this Multipurpose Building IMG_2304 (800x600)

Heart of Grace High School is situated in Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Liberia. The school has over 1,500 students and 57 staff and administrators. The school currently lacks an assembly hall to host our early morning devotional or prayer programs and major activities including graduation ceremonies, Sunday church services, back-to-school programs and other community-led activities.

How You Can  Help?

The entire cost of constructing this all- important piece of project is $30,000USD. However, we have raised and spent about $15,000 out of $30,000 on this project already. Therefore, we asking you to kindly assist us in providing the remaining $15,000 United States Dollars to finally complete this work. It is easier when you have a lot of people pushing the wagon then one person doing all of the pushing by himself. Therefore, every cent and dollar counts in transforming the life of every boy and girl, one individual at a time and one step at a time!

Please be informed that this is our most pressing need right now. However, we will be sending you more comprehensive proposal of needs surrounding our various projects across the nation between now and the end of the year 2013 targeting implementation in 2014.

The construction of this multipurpose hall actually started in late July of 2013 with the intention of completing it before September and October 2013 which are the major raining months in Liberia. However, we are currently unable to financially fund this project at our local level in Liberia because our major fundraiser in the US who is Mr. Eric Willise Wowoh, is presently based in Liberia helping to supervise various projects across the nation.

Nevertheless, we are very optimistic that by the grace of God, this piece of project will be completed by the timeline set through your kind generous financial donations.

If You Don’t Help, What Would Be The Side-Effect?  

During our August 2013 Computer School graduation program, we stood helpless and with deep feelings of regret as we observed the kids move back and forth in the heavy down pour of rain. The number of students graduating on that day was about ninety three (93). As a result of the rainfall, the program was sadly disrupted. This happened because of the lack of a proper hall to host our program. The ceremony was held in an open field with the hope that it wouldn’t rain on that day due to the initial weather condition. Children along with there parents were mostly affected by the rainfall as all of our clothes and shoes were completely socked with rain water. This was also an embarrassment for the institution because both our guests, equipment and program participants were affected.  

Currently, there is a halt in the hosting of our regular Christian morning devotional prayer, worship announcement and exultation of God’s word to both community members and the school. We were forced to shut down this spiritual transformation program due to lack of funding to complete this building project.

To conclude, it is with the leading of God that we seek your kind gesture towards helping us complete this important and urgent piece of project!  It is our fervent hope and prayer that you would consider our humble request because we believe that this is a bridge that we must all cross over together.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible as time is not our friend at this moment. You can reach us via email: or phone numbers: +231886547917 / +231886708251.

Remember “he that waters, shall be watered himself”.

Thanks and God bless!