The Construction of a Cafeteria and Medical Clinic in Johnsonville, Liberia.


New Cafeteria and Medical Clinic

We bring you special greetings from the children at the Heart of Grace Nursery, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Liberia West Africa. Since they have no means of reaching you in person by themselves, they have asked me to help extend their heartfelt gratitude to you for your genuine love, support and prayers of their school and education in a tough environment like Liberia.

The school population has grown overtime. We now have about two thousand students as of March 2013 attending school free of charge. This is of course a sharp increment of five hundred additional students from the initial population of one thousand five hundred students we had in 2012. The cafeteria and medical clinic projects for the School, is very close to completion.

We currently do not provide food for these children to eat at school at all. And there is also no medical clinic in the entire community. Nothing less than five of our precious children come to school with either chronic Malaria or Fever every single day that we have to take to hospital at our own expense because the parents are just too poor to pay hospital bills for their children.

New Cafeteria and Medical Clinic BuildingMany thanks and appreciation to the students of the few schools in the great states of both Louisiana and Missouri for helping to build this new cafeteria and medical clinic for their fellow students in Liberia.

We are also very grateful to all of the wonderful and loving individuals, families, businesses and organizations out there that have assisted in some form or the other in making this a dream come true for the struggling children of post war Liberia! Please pray for the final completion of this worthy piece of project.

 These are the beautiful faces of thankfulness whose lives you are helping to change for the better in Liberia!

Students Thankful! (5) Students Thankful! (2) Students Thankful! (1)   





If we can raise the funds we need, these facilities and programs should be fully completed and ready for use by the children in June of 2013. Our financial goal is to raise $15,000 United States Dollars to enable us finish these projects so that the children can start eating in their new lunch room for the very first time ever in the history of this entire community of about 17,000 people.

Please go to the phone right now and call us to find out how you can help: 1-337-781-4208 or simply use our safe online donation button to make a contribution to this noble cause today:

Thanks for making a difference today in the lives of these precious children and may God bless you and your family as well for your kind gesture! 

For more information about the Heart of Grace Nursery, Elementary, Junior and Senior high school in Liberia, click here:

Here are some pictures highlighting the progression of the construction works of the projects taken in March of 2013. 

Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 1 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 2 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 3 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 4 DSC02215 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 5 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 6 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 8 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 7 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 9 Cafeteria and Clinic Construction 10 New Cafeteria and Medical Clinic Building