safe drinking water

Heart of Grace School and Community Get Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Water is Life!

We are really excited and overwhelmed by what God has done for us last week. Through the Hope2Liberia Non-Profit organization from Muncie Indiana, we now have plenty of fresh, clean, safe and pure drinking water flowing through our schools and community here in City View Lower Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Liberia.

Water has always been a major problem for us in this community forever especially during the dry season or summer months.  We have never had a public system for running water  which has meant everyone had to travel many miles for their water.  In our case, this has meant walking up and down a very challenging, rocky hill to get to a well.

Heavily pregnant mothers and little children journeying up and down to fetch water each day has been very normal since people have lived here. This is now history as God sent 24 members of the Hope2Liberia team to help bring an abundance of fresh, safe, clean drinking water to the thirsty in this 17 thousand strong community of Lower Johnsonville, including all of the students and staff that use our school  the Heart of Grace.  

Thanks for your continual support and prayers! We are very grateful to all who have helped this is a huge moment for us, real development, real change, water is indeed life and may God water and refresh your life as you have helped to water the lives of others in such need.


 If you have about ten minutes or so, please watch this piece of video clip of the start to finish process of the installation of the water system at the school and community.