Unclogging The Pipe And Letting It Flow Through Us!

A great week in Waco Texas spreading the word, creating awareness and fundraising for more medical supplies for the fight against the spread of Ebola through “Operation Stop Ebola!”


The gathering of our second medical supplies shipment to Liberia, West Africa, has started once again. Please click on this link to learn more about our first medical supplies shipment to Liberia last week: http://canintl.org/help-fight-ebola-out-of-west-africa/

Definitely! We all need to unclog our pipes to let life and hope flow through us to others who are hopeless and are dying in our difficult world! After eating, drinking, wearing and enjoying everything we’ve been given, there comes a time when we must go to the restroom or toilet to unclog the pipe so that it can flow through us before we kill ourselves!

Many thanks guys at Acts, Ramah, Refuge and all of our friends, partners and supporters in Waco Texas for once again allowing yourselves to be used as channels of hope and life to struggling who are people living on the margins of life.

It was indeed a rewarding time for me and God bless the good works of your hands!