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The successful implementation and fulfillment of the work of Change Agent Network (CAN) in Liberia largely depends on the involvement and engagement of hundreds of partners, supporters and friends around the world like you.   

If you are not already involved with CAN, we would love for you to kindly join us on this amazing and incredible journey to impact and transform the entire nation of Liberia through Quality Christian Education, Mentorship, Sustainable Development and. The Hope of the Gospel.  

 At CAN, we are the trusted bridge connecting the resources to the need, the privileged to the less privileged. In this story, you are the HERO and we are your GUIDE. We link you to the need and give you the opportunity to meet those NEEDS.

 It is only with your prayers, support and involvement with us that we are able to find enduring solution to the life threaten problems facing the vulnerable and forgotten children of Liberia and its people. We strongly believe that you were created for this!

If you have been supporting CAN in the past, but want to explore new ways to help, we have a lot of exciting new ways that you can support us.   In addition to making a donation or volunteering, you can also support CAN’s work by starting a fundraiser. You can invite your community and friends to learn about and support CAN by setting up a fundraising event. We have provided some ideas that could help you start fundraising for CAN below:  


  1. Auction: Gather novelty items, which could not be bought (autographs, a professional athlete’s sneakers, etc.), or services, which can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Date auctions have been known to bring in sizable contributions!

  2. Children’s Concert: Invite a local church or school children’s choir to perform a concert on campus and sell tickets.

  3. International Benefit Concert: Have students demonstrate their traditional music, dance, and song.

  4. International Food Dinner: This is a great way to include international students who are enthusiastic about CAN. Contact campus international student associations. Have students dress in the costumes of their native country, prepare representative foods and have students demonstrate their traditional music, dance and song. Charge per food item or for admission to the event.

  5. Benefit Plays or Recitals: Ask the theater, dance and/or music departments if faculty or students would be willing to charge optional admission for performances in order to raise funds for CAN. You can also talk to other student performers.

  6. Talent Show: Get students to sign up beforehand. Then publicize and charge admission.

  7. Comedy Tonight!: Have an open mike for anyone who’s ever wanted to try their hand at stand up comedy. Charge admission. Make sure that you have enough people who are committed to performing maybe 20-30 persons.

  8. Coffeehouse: Have an art exhibit, poetry and prose readings, performances by student bands or individual musicians, and of course serve great coffee and snacks! Charge low admission, and get as much donated as you can.

  9. Candy and Nut: Items such as caramels, hard candy, nuts and chocolate are excellent at any time, but especially during the holiday season. A variation on this: candy grams. People can buy a “candy gram” for a low price, then write a short note to someone, which you will later deliver with a bag of candy to the specified person’s mailbox.

  10. Coffee/Doughnuts: Sell them outside classroom buildings or dorms in the mornings.

  11. Flowers: Usually best if done with carnations/roses before Valentine’s Day. Or sell them at sports events or dances. Contact your local florist.

  12. Raffle: Ask local businesses and restaurants to donate gift certificates or items to be raffled off. Students must buy raffle tickets to be entered in the drawing.

    Contests/Sports Events

  13. Novelty Races: Adding a twist to a race is easy and brings additional spectators and publicity to your cause. One example is the tricycle race. Decorated tricycles are entered in a “Mini Indy 500” race. Entrants may also be judged on tricycle decorations.

  14. Sports Tournament: Host a round-robin softball tourney. Or make it tennis, Ping-Pong, card games… you name it!

  15. Student-Faculty Benefit Match: Students can challenge faculty and staff to a basketball or volleyball tournament to help YAI. Charge admission to the game.


  16. Skip-A-Meal/Snack: Conduct a fundraiser at school that generates awareness of
    world hunger. Ask people to skip one meal for a day, or one snack everyday for a week, and donate the amount they would have spent to CAN. If most students at your school are on a meal plan, ask them to donate meals. Beforehand, try to work out with Dining Services how much money should be donated per meal.

  17. Dinner Party: Invite friends, and possibly faculty members and staff to a UNICEF dinner party. Your guests may contribute the amount of money they would normally spend on dinner in a restaurant to CAN. Your contribution is the dinner. Invite at least 25-30 persons.

  18. Dessert Party: A variation on the dinner party. Most college students would not hesitate to pay a small fee to get into a party where they are served brownies and cake.

  19. Concession Stand: Operate concession stands for parades, fairs, festivals, athletic events, plays or other school functions.

If you have questions, would like to invite a representative to speak at your fundraiser, or need more information, please email us at: