The Story Of Our Founder .

Eric Willise Wowoh, Founder & Executive Director of Change Agent Network, Inc.

Eric Willise Wowoh, Founder & Executive Director of Change Agent Network, Inc.

Don’t be Ashamed nor Afraid to Share Your Life Story, Embrace and Steward it well.
— Eric Willise Wowoh

Eric Willise Wowoh is a Christian Social Entrepreneur. He is an author, a humanitarian and philanthropist. He currently live in Dallas, Texas USA.

Eric lived with his parents in Liberia, Africa, as a young child. His life was peaceful and stable until a brutal war broke out in 1989. When Eric was twelve, he was captured by rebel fighters. They beat and tortured him, but he was miraculously saved. He left his country and became an international refugee in exile. As a teenager, he lived in eleven different refugee camps in twelve different nations in West Africa and was separated from his entire family for twenty years.

In 2002, when Eric was twenty-three, a friend gave him a computer. He learned how to use the computer and began training other refugees from all over the continent of Africa, eventually impacting the lives of many across the world. In 2006 he relocated to America through a refugee resettlement program. He arrived in the U.S. with no luggage, no passport, no ID, no phone, no money, no home, and no friends. By the grace of God and with the help of many, he established Change Agent Network, an international nonprofit organization that is contributing to the world in big ways and transforming Liberia through education.

Impact of Eric's Story

We have successfully built 14 schools in 6 counties of Liberia. We are presently educating over 3,000 underserved and vulnerable children in Liberia. There are 200 employees on payroll nationwide. Within the past 10 years, Change Agent Network has graduated more than 2000 students, many of whom have become meaningful contributors to society. One such student is Jerolimic Piah, the former Presidential Press Secretary to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.


Change Agent Network (CAN) connects underserved Liberian communities with Global Partners to launch local sustainable schools to break the cycle of poverty through education in Liberia. 

Progress made thus far in Liberia:

  • 17 Years invested in educational and sustainable development work

  • Over 3.5 million dollars raised for charity, education & developmental work

  • Shipped 14 forty foot containers of educational, medical & relief supplies

  • Built 14 schools in 6 counties

  • Educating over 3,000 underserved children

  • 200 employees on payroll nationwide 

  • Graduated more than 2000 students

  • Built and donated 9 houses to homeless families

  • Taken over 100 global partners on short term mission & volunteer trips

“We are all called to live our lives for a cause greater than ourselves, serving others and making the world a more peaceful, stable and prosperous godly place for every human being,” states Eric Wowoh. “We must leave the world better than we met it for the generation following. We can either choose to let tragedy and hardships to turn us into bitter, self-serving individuals or into humble servants who want no one else to experience what we have.”

Eric Willise Wowoh has had the unique position of living in and understanding two cultures – the affluent American world and the West African world of poverty, disease, illiteracy and corruption. His powerful story is one that no reader will soon forget.

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Eric Willise Wowoh’s new book, Return Of A Refugee, shows firsthand how trauma and rejection turns a young African boy into a man committed to sacrificing his everything to transform the lives of others in a hurting world. This is the author’s emotional true-life story. It shows how he turned his tears, pains and struggles into a pathway of positive change, hope and opportunity in part for those who hurt and almost kill him. In spite of the fact that he had lived his entire life going through unimaginable atrocities at the hands of fellow human beings, he genuinely still believes in humanity, goodwill and God.

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In 2006, I received the RARE GEMS AWARD from the Women’s Optimum Development Foundation for my contributions to humanity, service to women and children. I was honored in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2006.


Eric Wowoh Receives Migration & Refugee Services of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of America Award 2015.

On November 19, 2015, I was honored with an award from the Migration & Refugee Services (MRS) of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of America. The award was presented to me by His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl Archbishop of Washington DC. This wonderful award was given because my life story which exemplifies the mission of the Catholic Church and Migration and Refugee Services to serve refugees seeking a place of safety and a chance to build a new life in the United States of America.

Eric Wowoh presenting Change Agent Network at Praxis 2015 Nonprofit Accelerator Program Grand Finale in Dallas, Texas USA.