Highlighting the World Wakers Team Visit to Liberia May 2016. 

Liberian Youth Orchestra Program

CAN's Self Sufficiency Model for Education in Liberia

Highlights of CAN # 12 Shipping Container of Supplies to Liberia July 16, 2016.

Breaking the cycle of poverty through education in Liberia.

Trailer Movie of the life story of our founder Eric Wowoh. Grab your copy of the book now


Broken but not Defeated: The Story of Eric Wowoh


CAN’s Unique Development Model for Liberia


“Celebrating the Change Agents of the Nations LA 2015” 


Change Agent Network: Changing Minds, Hearts and Lives


Real Change, Reviewing 9 Years of Authentic Impact


60 Minute Miracle


CAN Family and Liberian Ambassador Giving Thanks


From vision to reality (Liberia)


American School Children Changing Lives In Liberia