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Without your donations our program will not be possible, please find it in your hearts to help us provide actionable change to the live of thousands of children, families and communities. Any and all DONATIONS goes into making our program successful. THANK YOU.


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Phone:     +1 337-781-4208

Adress:    208 oakwood Dr. Lafayatte, LA 70503

Email: info@canintl.org


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Change Minds,

Hearts and Lives.

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C.A.N Medical


Good Health is Wealth


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Education for All

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We Believe in

Higher Education


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Information leads to Transformation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

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Serving others above SELF

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

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Providing self sustaining development module

You help us build an infrastructure, and our mission is to sustain, maintain and expand upon it.

How Do we Do it?
How You Can Help

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

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Our mission is to serve as a trusted bridge between the privileged and the needy and between our hearts and our minds across which vital resources effectively flow. To develop and implement diverse initiatives to contribute towards the ethical and peaceful progress of education, spiritual and mental development for the next generation of Africans.

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  • Nullam Convallis Volunteer

    “Heart of Grace School, Lower Johnsonville Water Project – Part of the team went over early to get to work on completing a dream of pumping water up a huge hill to water the Heart of Grace School and the Lower Johnsonville community.

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  • Fidel Dennis Volunteer Testimonials

    “Wonderful program. Thanks be to God Almighty. Thank you all who made this possible.”

  • Yassah’s Sisters Volunteer Testimonials

    It is amazing that a small amount of money can make such a big impact!

  • Morgan Miller Volunteer Testimonies

    Last night at Younglife, I had the privilege of meeting Eric Wowoh, who was a refugee after the civil

  • Randy Tempest

    Grateful for all the good work done in Liberia this year. Thanks Eric Wowoh and Kollie Jallah for all you do for your people. Looking forward to 2014.

  • The Last Well Volunteers Testimonies

    This school was built by our in-country partner, Change Agent. A beautiful campus that embodies the change they’re making in Liberia and how CLEAN water and EDUCATION go hand in hand. Great Job Eric and Team!

  • First Baptist Church of Carthage Volunteer Testimonials

    Pastor Kollie Jallah of Liberia will be here at 6:30 This Sunday November 17 along with some others from the Hope 2 Liberia team. Kollie was a wartime refugee with Eric Wowoh. Come hear how God is using Kollie to bring Hope to a rebuilding nation.

  • Molli Calte Hughes Volunteer Testimonials

    We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” – John Stott

  • Gloria Knott Volunteer Testimonials

    I listened to your testimony a few nights ago on t.v. How awesome is our God.

  • Amanda Bartlette Volunteer Testimonials

    Today I wept! Thank you Jesus for bridging our connection! These letters are round 2, a reply from our

  • Don Winters Volunteer Testimonials

    Just got of the phone with Eric Wowoh. It is always go to hear his voice. Please continue to pray for him and the great work that is being accomplished.

  • Tom Ledbetter Volunteer Testimonials

    Eric, what a privilege it was to walk alongside The People of Change Agent Network these past 2 weeks.

  • Jeremy Nauyokas Volunteer Testimonials

    Liberia so far has been amazing! We spent the last two days at the home of Jackson and Harriet they are

  • Spring George Volunteer Testimonials

    I've posted before about the work we are doing with Change Agent Network.... "But God" we are

  • Laura Crowley Volunteer Testimonial

    Praise God for water in Liberia!! God is moving for His faithful children!! Hallelujah!!!

How You CAN Help

Young Children Volunteering

This is an awareness and action initiative designed to give particularly young school children in the United States an opportunity to get involved in bringing hope and future to other children in impoverish countries in Africa.

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Its Safe and Awesome

Do you feel a strong nudge to do something that benefits someone else? Something which is much more challenging and bigger than yourself? Searching for adventure and personal growth? Travel to Impact Liberia (TIL) exists to assist others in exploring a world bigger than ourselves with love and humility.

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Empower Women of Liberia

Cultivating Sustainable Future for Women in Lofa County, Liberia West Africa.Change Agent Network to support numerous single mothers in Liberia with life difficulties.

Empower Now
Help a Child unfold their potential.

What will matter, years from now, is not the tangible material you possessed, but rather the intangible, the knowledge that you have made a difference in educating and enriching the lives of our next generation.

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Something Amazing In the Making

The mission of CAN University is to develop and implement diverse academic programs geared towards creating a robust professional workforce of Liberia committed to facilitating positive change in our world. A scholarly approach to the learning of adults emphasizing on practical and self-devotional studies

Change Agent Network relies heavily on the generosity of people like you from everywhere to help provide a Christ-centered tuition-free education for children who live in abject poverty in Liberia, Africa.

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Executive Board Members

  • Jim Welch
    Jim Welch
    Jim Welch
    Founder of Jim Welch Inc.

    Jim Welch heart desire is to use his experience and talents to support missions and missionaries around the world.

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  • Dr. Michel Dioubate, MD
    Dr. Michel Dioubate, MD
    Dr. Michel Dioubate, MD
    General Practice

    Doctor. Michel Dioubate is a Liberian born Pediatrician who is currently practicing in the state of Louisiana USA.

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  • Heather Lecky
    Heather Lecky
    Heather Lecky

    Heather Lecky was named Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member of Change Agent Network in September 2010.

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  • Eric Willise Wowoh
    Eric Willise Wowoh
    Eric Willise Wowoh
    Executive Director

    Eric Willise Wowoh is the founder and Executive Director of Change Agent Network. He is from Fissibu Zorzor District, Lofa County Northern Liberia. He is a Christian Social Entrepreneur with 13 years of experience.

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International Advisory Board

  • Otis Zeon
    Otis Zeon
    Otis Zeon
    International IT Manager

    Otis is the founder of Glazon Group Inc. A Tech company based in Minnesota and also a 3rd year Medical student.

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  • Charice Thomas
    Charice Thomas
    Charice Thomas

    Charice Thomas is a native of Louisiana and a current resident of Irving, Texas. She is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte based out of Dallas Texas.

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  • Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh
    Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh
    Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh
    International Board Member

    Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh is a prominent Liberian politician, administrator and classroom teacher. His career in the areas of administration, teaching, and politics spans more than 30 years.

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